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8 Golden Rules to Writing Product Descriptions that Sell (Updated 2023)

A product description is one of the most crucial components of your online store when it comes to conversion. Let’s just say a prospect searching for a certain product on the internet happened to land on your page and is now looking at your products. The last step is to have this prospective customer click the “add to cart” button and checkout. But it is not as easy as it sounds and the question is how to get the customer to purchase? The answer is through a well-written and effective product description.  

As you can see, a well-written and excellent product description hold the power to make the conversion that leads to sales, however, most online stores find it difficult to create one that converts and a good copy is not easy to write as well. 

This article will help you create a good product description for your online store. These 8 easy-to-follow rules will be the key to your eCommerce success.

1. Know your Target Audience

First of all, you have to determine your target audience to make your product description attractive. Determining will lead you to the features your clients are most interested in. But how can you define these features?

That would be easy if you understand your buyer’s persona, their characteristics. If you are able to know and understand this, it will be easy to define which features are valuable to your clients. 

These are the essential questions to keep in mind when writing a product description. 

  • How did this customer arrive on your page?
  • Generally, what are your customer’s interests?
  • Why is this customer interested in your online store, in the first place?
  • Why is this customer interested in your product?
  • How would this customer describe the product to a friend?
  • What features or benefits would interest this person the most?

2. Focus on the Product Benefits

In selling your products online, you always want to showcase the best features and the unique specs of a specific item. Understandably, you want to share all the best qualities that your product possesses. You are not alone because that’s what most business owners think when they are selling online.

What you need to know is your buyer’s perspective. Think of it, what attracts your buyer to purchase your product? Is it the features of the item? Well, some of your customers think that way. But, mostly, clients always consider how the product can benefit them.

Remember this! The product’s feature is all about facts that provide technical information and will tell your customer how it will benefit and improve their lives. 


The main benefits of a scented candle are:
You can have this scent without investing in a more expensive candle
Perfect size for a small moment throughout the day
A great addition to a bigger focal point, like the centerpiece at dinner parties
A safe and easy to use candle

Note: In writing your product description, make an outline of the product’s features and benefits. Think about how the product increases its pleasure to attract customers.

product descriptions

3. Tell the Full Story

Your product description won’t be considered excellent if you are missing one of the most essential components. Tell the full story pack with an emotional punch.

Emotions influence buyer behavior – the content of your product description is the perfect place to prompt emotions.

How can you do this?

Simply fill any gaps that your potential customer may have about your product.

Example: The story of “Immortality Tea” product from Teema Teas.

“Known to local populations in China for hundreds of years, this miracle plant (Jiaogulan) became known by those who drank it as the “herb of immortality.” A powerful adaptogen has been traditionally used since the 16th century to benefit blood pressure, cholesterol, immunity, strength, and stamina. 100% caffeine-free, yet naturally stimulating.”

Complex earthy tones with a lingering natural sweetness at the finish.

The product description of Immortality Tea shows the historical significance of this specific tea. This gives a potential buyer or reader the idea that tea is being carefully refined hundreds of years ago and shared among those from rural China. 

By simply telling your product’s story, it creates a good connection between a potential customer and your product. This will benefit you, which can make a potential customer into an actual buyer.

Note: In telling the story of a product, make sure to focus on these aspects: who originally made the product, what inspired them to make the product, what was the journey of making the product, and how this product look at the customer’s day-to-day life.

4. Use Natural Language and Tone

Very important tip! Create a product description that sounds like you are having a real conversation with your friend! That makes your description lively. A product description that is friendly with a natural tone will help your customer find that connection with your brand.

One great example is the “Nasty Gal” product description that uses the tone of “fun-loving girlfriend.” The product description highlights the “sassy shoes” that young women can have, not just regular high-heel shoes.

Product Description: Hey Sweet Thing Heel

Looking good enough to eat. The Hey Sweet Thing Heel features a color block design, peep toe with crossover straps, block heel, and wrap-around ankle strap with buckle closure.”

5. Use Powerful Words that Sell

To have the best content for your product description, certain words, or shall we say, “essential keywords,” are beneficial to increase your sales. By targeting these phrases and make good use of them, you can convince your clients to make that purchase. Jon Morrow from Smart Blogger describes these words as “power words.” Here is his list of words that can greatly help make your product description look more appealing.

Amazing, Audacity, Backbone, Belief, Blissful, Bravery, Breathtaking, Cheer, Conquer, Courage, Daring, Defiance, Delight, Devoted, Excited, Eye-opening, Faith, Fearless, Fearful, Grateful, Grit, Guts, Happy, Heart, Hero, Hope, Jaw-dropping, Jubilant, Magic, Mind-blowing, Miracle, Pluck, Sensational, Spectacular, Spine, Spirit, Staggering, Stunning, Surprising, Triumph, Uplifting, Valor, Victory, Wonderful, and Wondrous.

6. Make it Easy to Scan

According to facts, people only read 16 percent of the content that is on the page. So your product description needs to be effective to cover up that 16 percent. And by making your content super scannable, the client will find the exact information they only want.

The best way to make your product description easy to scan is to have it in bullet points and short paragraphs. Just provide very few detailed sentences, lots of white space, and very readable fonts.

7. Optimize for Search Engines

Of course, nothing beats Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the easiest way to make your product description more appealing to prospects and potential customers. Optimization begins with targeting “keywords.” Keywords are the terms that a buyer usually uses to find a product in online stores. With SEO, you can easily find the exact keywords to optimize your online store.

8. Use Good Images

Don’t forget to have quality images for your brand description. Why? Because 63 percent of customers think that product image is more important than the product description and even the reviews.

So, it is essential not just to publish excellent content for product description, but also a quality photo that will show your customer all the key features of your product. 

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