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How To Write Engaging YouTube Video Scripts in 2021

It’s all leisure browsing and binge-watching on YouTube until you started being a YouTuber and realized that there is so much more than just filming, editing, and uploading a video and that getting that thousand views might be more challenging than you thought. This is why learning how to write engaging YouTube video scripts are important.

The platform is intensely competitive. You’d have a couple, if not hundreds more, channels that could be throwing out content in the same niche as you. You’ve already lost the uniqueness factor the moment you sign up for a YouTube account. Contrary to popular belief, being a content creator is not an easy job after all.

But to get as many engagements (views, subscribers, likes, comments) as possible, you need to make sure you catch the attention of the viewers and make your digital presence so strong that they can’t help but click on your videos.  

One way to do this is to produce appealing and captivating videos. 

There are a lot of factors to produce such a video. Quality, flow, editing skills, and even audio but one thing that can hold your watchers’ attention for a long time is how engaging your video is and you can achieve this by creating a killer script. 

Why scripts are important?

Helps you deliver a cohesive story. With scripts, you’ve already had the flow and structure of the video down. This also makes creating YouTube videos easier. Since scripts are researched, written, edited, and read beforehand, you are already sure that you’ve delivered the things and information clearly to your viewers even before filming the video. 

Saves time. Unlike impromptu scripts you made at the top of your head, writing a script beforehand saves you tons of time and the hassle of rerecording content since you’ve already had the right words, pitch, and tone of voice ready. 

If you are planning to write one but is struggling to, here are tips on how to write engaging YouTube video scripts. 

Identify your audience and topic

If you have a specific niche you want to enter, write engaging YouTube video scripts by choosing topics centered around this niche. 

In general, writing starts with a topic. And with YouTube scriptwriting, it is important to pick a topic that your viewers can connect with. 

The most effective way of doing this is to make sure that your chosen topic matters to your target audience. 

Just like how beauty vloggers solely make content related to beauty, cosmetics, fashion, and style or how gaming vlogs tackle topics on esports, game reviews, and gaming software and hardware. 

Intro matters

We’ve all done this. Immediately exiting the video during the early part because we don’t find it interesting enough. 

Grabbing the viewer’s attention is critical. That first 15 seconds of the video could make or break your viewer’s decision to watch until the end or not. 

The easiest and the most common way to do this is to introduce an interesting statement or pose a question that keeps people wondering. This could be a pain point and then saying that you have a solution or high-value information with the guarantee that the rest of the details will be provided throughout the video. 

To write engaging YouTube video scripts, make sure you have this part down and done the right way.

Write Engaging YouTube Video Scripts

Release the information (as promised!)

You promised your viewers you’ll deliver the information they need in the first 15-20 seconds of your video, now it’s time to fulfill that promise and dispatch the goodies. 

To avoid boring your viewers with wordy and irrelevant information, make sure that as you provide your solution, you are clear and concise. Get to the point immediately and explain why it is important or why it is valid. And just like how you’d write a research paper, strengthen your points by citing examples or showing statistics and data to your audience. 

Through this, you are telling your viewers that you are trustworthy and that you provide reliable sources of information. This induces a positive response from them and they are most likely to subscribe and click on your videos the next time they see them. 

Make it conversational

Write engaging YouTube video scripts with a conversational approach that makes them relatable and personalized. The most effective way of doing this is to write your script for one person in mind. Use easy-to-understand language and if there is a need to mention jargon, further explain them with terms that your viewers can understand. 

It is easier to produce engaging videos when you film thinking that you are talking to a friend instead of trying to reach out to thousands of viewers. 

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