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What Jobs Require Writing Skills? (Updated 2021)

Since the beginning, writing and written communication has helped individuals communicate with one another, making it an extraordinary human characteristic. Aside from that, generations of generations have benefitted and made great use of written history, culture, and knowledge. In the current time, writing is more than just jotting down phenomenons and significant events and the skill and gift of writing entirely depends on how the writer uses it. 

Everyone at some point in their life has written something to communicate. It could an email, a business memo, a school report, a job application, or even a simple ‘hi, how are you today?’ on the phone. 

While some of us might take writing as a simple and easy skill that needs no further advancement, there’s also a few others that take writing to the next level, mastering it to the extent of making a career, a stable source of income, out of it. 

And if you’re someone with exceptional writing skills, you might want to consider putting your talent to good use such as inspiring others with your write-ups, help others improve their writing skills, and deliver essential information to the public. 

So here are 6 careers for people who love writing. 

1. Writer/Author

Jobs Require Writing Skills

The main responsibility of writers and authors is to create written content for media such as books, films, magazines and online publications. The relationship between the writers and their editors must be maintained through quality work. A writer or author can either work freelance or through a company. 

Generally, writers have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of English or journalism. To land a stable job as a writer, it is recommended to have a solid experience and a portfolio of written works. 

2. Editor 

Being an editor requires having an extensive knowledge on grammar and writing. Generally, the role of an editor is to take written content and offer suggestions for its improvement, fix grammatical errors, verify information and approve of the final version. In a more advanced position like managing editors, the role is more broad, including making sure that daily operations are running smoothly. 

Editors have at least a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications. 

3. Public Relations Specialist 

A PR Specialist creates the public image of the person or organization they are representing through various media outlets, such as press releases and social media platforms. Solid writing skills are needed to maintain the branding and the reputation of the client. 

Companies might require PR specialists to have a bachelor’s degrees, usually majoring in communications, business or English. 

4. Reporter 

Reporters and correspondents you see on televisions stations, websites, and magazines are individuals who have foolproof and excellent writing skills. Being a reporter means being asked to produce articles and scripts with a demanding deadline. 

Usually, a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications is a requirement and completing a graduate program increases the chances of opportunities. 

5. Technical Writer 

A technical writer is no easy feat. It means being asked to write complex ideas and unfamiliar topics through instruction manuals, journal articles, and company websites. Usually, technical writers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications. If you are aiming to enter a specific field, such as engineering or medicine, a background or majoring in those is a huge advantage. 

6. Advertising Manager 

The role of an advertising manager is to pique and develop  the interest of the public in a brand or product. Aside from formulation of strategies and knowledge in business, advertising managers should also have sharp writing skills, as they may also lead in copywriting advertisements. 

In most cases, companies would require advertising managers to have a bachelor’s degree and undergo an internship program. Degrees in advertising or journalism is a huge advantage, as well as courses in marketing, visual arts, and business. 

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