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What Jobs Require Writing Skills? (Updated 2020)

According to writers and literary inclined individuals alike, thoughts and ideas that bother or hamper the thinking and mindset of the individual are best written in a piece of paper, rather than expressing and manifesting it in actions and initiatives that may result in being weary and sorry at the end of everything. 

Writing, as one of the four highly essential macro skills in learning the English language, is both a gift and a blessing for individuals who are highly ladened and attuned to communicate, convey, and manifest their inner thought through the use of pen and paper and those who have strong writing skills are more likely to adapt to writing-related jobs faster than anyone else.

Plus, writing is an ability that is required all through the areas of life, including the working environment. But, the concept of communication through the written letter is regularly left by the wayside, underappreciated, and underdeveloped. Most of the time, the thought of writing admirably is either too intimidating to even think about being appropriately addressed to, or neglected as a modest aptitude that has no measurable bearing on the day by day life. 

Nonetheless, the mere truth is that writing is one of the main aptitudes we can have and is certainly worth having regardless of the work to set aside an effort to develop.

In this article, we will focus the spotlight’s lens by tackling the different jobs that highly require the use of the individual’s strengths and founded writing skills both in an optimal and maximal level of usage. 

It is the hope of the writer of this article that every reader who would read it is inspired to venture into one of these jobs, both as a career and a sideline job, most especially at this time of the global health crisis and pandemic. Let us begin. 

The Diversity of Writing 

It doesn’t take a lot of scrutinies to understand that not all writing is similar. Each time you put pen to paper or compose a sentence, it shouldn’t be with the aim to make a novel deserving of the New York Times Best Seller list. 

Despite what might be expected, there are various writing skills you can use in reality — a large number of which are simple and unimposing. 

Truth be told, good writing is very somewhat simpler and much easier to pull off than you may think it is. Regardless of whether you’re writing a resume for a job, a thesis in college, or a quick note to your supervisor telling her that you need to leave ahead of schedule for an important appointment, the significant thing is to express your intentions concisely and clearly.

Why is Writing Important?

The quality of writing is a basic component that can represent the moment of truth of an employers’ assessment of you, both in the hiring process and all through your time working at an organization. Truth be told, the ability to write well is frequently worked directly into a certain job posting. Take, for instance, a description of an e-commerce manager position. It will always include required aptitudes like hiring and training, web design, project development, and communication, all of which require able writing abilities. 

The ability to compose clear, concise, and relevant content is a secret weapon for any professional. It can help dazzle hiring personnel just as keep up your reputation inside an organization whenever you’ve begun working. The significant thing is to like the impact that writing can have on any types of career, at that point, set aside the effort to build up your writing abilities as long as possible.

The Top 7 Highly Renowned Jobs that Requires the Use of Writing Skills 

Due to the health pandemic that has severed economies, companies across the world have decided to file bankruptcy and even lay off their employees, resulting in a high rate of employment and an equal influx of online writing jobs. 

Writing in a professional environment has always been straightforward, pragmatic, and concise. It mulls over things like the recipient of the message and the core data that is needed to impart a message. 

A quality piece of writing should contain relevant information and should be direct to the core point. It should be both clear and grammatically precise. 

The utmost goal of anyone who wishes to land a career in the writing industry is the chance to express themselves in the platform, the will to hone and maximize their skills, and published awe-inspiring article. 

Below is a quick and comprehensive list of the top 7 highly renowned jobs that are known worldwide to require the use of writing skills: 

1. Writer and Author

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Being a writer or an author is greatly considered as the first and foremost renowned job that highly entails and requires the use of writing skills. Nowadays, job hiring and vacancies for writers and authors are in demand on various job search websites, most especially at this time of the pandemic. 

The nature and scope of work that writers and authors have revolved around the creation of written content, that is intended to be posted on websites and to be published in different reading materials and media sources like magazines, film, online publications, and books. Writers and authors are expected to both sustain and maintain the momentum of establishing professional working relationships with their respective audience and editors through their high standard of quality of work

As a major requirement, aspiring writers and authors are most likely to be qualified if they graduated from degrees majoring in English and Journalism. Lastly, as professional advice and tip from experienced, successful, and time-tested writers, it is best if the individual has garnered enough experiences and a solid writing portfolio to be highly considered for a salaried writing job.  

2. Editor 

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The second highly renowned job worldwide that requires the need of writing skills is being an Editor. First and foremost, editors worldwide are required to have strong knowledge and background in grammar and writing. A solid foundation in these subjects is considered crucial and relative when applying for an editorial job vacancy. 

The nature and scope of work for editors revolve around the following job overview as follows: 

First, to proofread and make necessary comments to the articles submitted by the writers. Second, to provide technical assistance to the writers by giving them suggestions to improve their writing techniques. And third, and one of an editor’s most important tasks, is to verify the legitimacy of the articles submitted by the writers. Once the information is cross-checked, it is also the editor’s job to approve for publishing and/or releasing. 

Being a managing editor is highly demanding in terms of proofreading written works, ensuring the smooth flow of day to day operations, and even in the assessment of the content. Lastly, as a requirement, aspiring editors would need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communication, and English.

3. Public Relations Specialist 

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The third highly renowned job worldwide that strongly requires the use of writing skills is being a Public Relations Specialist. The major role that is expected from a public relations specialist is to thoroughly curate the public image of a specific company or individual through a variety of media outlets. 

The incorporated use of sharp writing skills is greatly needed to craft the suitable language that will best represent and manifest the reputation of the client, through various mediums and forms of communications such as in social media and press releases. Lastly, as a means of requirement, aspiring public relations specialist applicants are required to have obtained a bachelor’s degree that is highly relative in the areas of Business, English, and Communications. 

4. Reporter 

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The fourth highly renowned job worldwide that requires the great usage of writing skills is being a Reporter. Correspondents and reporters alike take great pride in their function as the bearer of news through various platforms, such as magazines, websites, and television stations. 

Reporters who are also highly regarded as journalists are expected to attain an excellent and strong writing ability for the reason that they are required to produce articles and scripts that are crafted in a journalistic writing style. As a requirement, aspiring reporters are expected to meet the major qualification of obtaining a relevant bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Communications. Lastly, it is considered to be both an advantage and a plus, that an aspiring reporter completes a graduate program in Journalism. Post-graduate studies can open numerous opportunities for individuals who are vying for a spot in the media industry. It also helps that graduating from advanced studies are strong candidates for work promotions 

5. Technical Writer 

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The fifth highly renowned job worldwide that requires the immense use of writing skills is being a Technical Writer. 

The major role of technical writers is to communicate effectively express unfamiliar and complex ideas in words that are easily understood with the use of journalistic articles, company-based websites, and instructional manuals. Also, another major role involved is to be able to produce well-written outputs by demand. There are certain instances and cases that a company’s team is in urgent need of written content and will be relying on the writer’s ability to quickly turn over an article. 

As a requirement, aspiring technical writer applicants are expected to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, and Communications. Other than, in-depth knowledge in fields such as Medicine or Engineering is also highly desirable. 

6. Advertising Manager 


The sixth highly renowned job worldwide that curtails to the very essence of using an individual’s writing skills is being an Advertising Manager. 

The major role of advertising managers is to work hand in hand with the company’s art and sales departments to optimally develop the public’s interest in a specific product or brand.  Advertising managers are expected to have excellent writing skills and sufficient business knowledge for they are responsible for creating achievable marketing plans and leading and assisting in the copywriting process of advertisements. 

As a requirement, some aspiring advertising managers need to obtain a bachelor’s degree related to Visual Arts, Business and Marketing, and Journalism. To gain a foundation in the field, it is highly recommended to enter an internship program to experience the industry firsthand. 

7. Web Developer

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The seventh and final highly renowned job worldwide that greatly encapsulates the use of founded writing skills is being a Web Developer. The major role of web developers is centered on the responsibility of creating and developing websites, this includes graphic design and coding skills. However, one role that web developers must also possess is the ability to write and produce website content and even the implementation of SEO techniques. 

In terms of educational requirements, being a web developer is highly technical and will require degrees related to Computer Science, where subjects such as graphic design, programming languages, and coding foundation are thoroughly discussed. However, coding and programming languages are not necessarily learned at university, and according to a developer survey, 69% of developers are totally or partially self-taught. Knowledge in this field is highly desirable and sometimes, companies don’t need the diploma. What they need is the skill and the ability to walk the talk. 

In conclusion, these top seven renowned worldwide jobs are highly recommended if you want to make use of your excellent writing skills.  Despite most of them require a bachelor’s degree, some companies and employers won’t look for academic achievements but instead will assess you based on your skills. 

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