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Top 10 Best Small Writing Desks to Buy Online (Updated 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and businesses all over the world to switch to a new kind of working environment. Working from home is now a new trend to ensure the safety and health of the employees.

The shift was a complete 180-degree turn from the physical Monday to Friday set-up in the office. As of the moment, most offices have opted for their employees to work in the comfort of their own homes. However, despite being at their own houses, with no supervisor constantly standing behind their backs, work is still work and there are still things that need to be done. 

This is where the concept of a home office comes in. Sure, it is tempting to just lay on the couch with the laptop on hand and work the day away, but for some, this proves to be a counterproductive action. Having a home office, sitting up, and having your computer propped up on a table, gives the feeling of being at the company workstation and will prompt you to be productive.  

One of the most important things in setting up your work-from-home office is a good desk. However, not all of us have that extra space at home for a gigantic desk and who knows, the pandemic could be over tomorrow, and now you’re stuck at home with a huge desk ready to be disposed of. 

So for the meantime, a convenient writing desk you can place in a small area at your home might be a good way to go. But because safety protocols highly discourage in-shopping, online shopping is the best method to purchase a desk that best suits you. 

To make things easier, we have compiled the top 10 best small writing desk that you can buy online. 

Deskview Hanging Window Desk

writing desk

The writing desk from Deskview is described as the world’s first window-mounted adjustable standing desk. It can mount to any glass or window so you can enjoy your work while staring at the scenery outside. 

It’s easy to install as it uses durable suction disks that can hold up to 40 pounds. That is more than enough to hold on to your laptop as you work throughout the day. Aside from functioning as a desk, it also serves as a nightstand or even as a bookshelf by the window. 

It’s 24 x 14 inches so it’s relatively easy to pack and carry around with you.  

Check it out here!

Funduki Concept Floating/Suspended Desk

This writing desk by Etsy uses durable materials such as birch plywood, two sturdy wall hooks with two durable straps which makes it easy to install on any wall you have at home. 

To give your working area a bit of color, you have an array of strap color options such as orange, yellow, magenta, red, and a few different shades of blue. 

Check it out here!

Urbansize’s Floating Beech Desk

Urbansize’s Floating Beech Desk is made with 100% oak, which makes it ultra sturdy and durable. It has a small and compacted finish, along with two drawers on either side. It has two brackets that support the weight of your computer or other work-related devices and papers.

Check it out here!

 Manor Park Industrial Fold-Up Desk

Manor Park’s fold-up desk is a wall-mounted desk that includes a shelf bar that can hold your notebook and other writing utensils. The desk is an easy pull-out for when your workday begins and can hold up to 30 pounds, which is perfect for most lightweight laptops nowadays.

It’s a small and space-friendly desk and is made with a durable powder-coated metal frame and warp-resistant MDF. This writing desk will definitely last for years and is a great companion for study sessions or any work projects. 

Check it out here!

The Rustic Home Wall-Mounted Fold-Away Desk

Both functional and stylish, The Rustic Home’s Wall-Mounted Fold-Away desk is the perfect workstation. It is a space-saving piece when not in use and even has a chalkboard for a quick note. When opened, it is perfect for daily tasks. 

It has a light mahogany finish and requires no assembly. It can hold up to 80 pounds, so it is perfect for a laptop or a desktop and a few more other things you might need for work. 

Check it out here!

Bjursta Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

This writing desk from Bjursta is an optimal space-saver as a wall-mounted and drop-leaf table. Aside from that, it is very affordable and when you’re no longer working from home, it can also serve as a random shelf for books or a vase of flower and car keys. 

It’s plain so minimalist-theme lovers will surely enjoy the aesthetic this writing desk will give. You have two color options, brown and black. 

Check it out here!

Orange 22 Modern Rift Hideaway Wall Desk

Orange 22’s Hideaway Wall Desk can be mounted at the height of your choice. It could be mounted with your standing height or your sitting height. Because of this, it can be both used a working desk or a display shelf. 

One of the most appealing features of this hideaway desk is that it has an extendable desk surface. So if you need that extra space, a convertible surface is just one easy pull out from underneath. 

The desk assembled and requires a minimum of two wall studs to ensure the security of the desk into the wall. 

Check it out here!

BitmanWood Wall Mounted Folding Desk

The BitmanWood folding desk is perfect for tiny spaces. It is modern, high quality, practical, and has an ergonomic design with all the functions that you might need. 

It is made with 25mm plywood, coated with wear-resistant HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), and with lacquered edges. It uses high-quality Gas Mechanisms, making the opening of the desk smooth and easy. It has a magnetic closure, adjustable shelves and a built-in LED Ligh with a touch-sensitive power button. 

It can hold up to 40 kilograms worth of things and devices. 

Check it out here!

FOF Industrial Rustic Wall Mounted Desk

Made with real wood and comes in with sturdy heavy cast iron brackets, this wall-mounted desk is perfect for both leisure and work activities. It’s 31” long, 14” deep, and 12” tall, this desk can serve as a desk, shelves, and as a TV stand. 

It is easy to assemble and the package comes with installation instructions so you really have nothing to worry about. Included with your purchase are the cast iron bracket, table plank, and screws.  

Check it out here!

Svalnas’ Wall Mounted Workspace

Svalnas’ Wall-Mounted Workspace serves both as a desk and shelf, all in one piece of structure. The workspace is made with bamboo and has two convenient drawers. It’s 176 cm long and has a leg space of 35 cm. 

Check it out here!

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