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10 Important Things That Every Writer Should Own

Some might argue that all a writer needs is a pencil and paper. Or as modern as we can get, a laptop. Obviously! But it’s not all that simple and easy. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated a writer is, writing can be a pain. There are dozens of grammar rules, spellings to check, and an overwhelming amount of ideas to jot down. 

Aside from the traditional pen and pencil, here are 10 things that every writer should own.  

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Important Things That Every Writer Should Own

One of the backbones of the writing world. Thousands of words in the world and it’s just impossible to remember each one of them. Well, this is where your dictionary and thesaurus books come into play. Even though there are online websites for this, it doesn’t hurt to keep physical copies of these books on your desk.  

Live Plants

Having live plants inside your writing room can improve air quality and also helps decrease stress and increase productivity. Aside from that, they are also very pretty to look at and might give you a bump of inspiration while looking at them. 

Chicago Manual of Style

One of the best resources for a writer has to be the Chicago Manual of Style. It contains grammar and writing rules that you might have (intentionally or unintentionally) overlooked in high school, as well important information on quoting resources, writing a bibliography, and even the process of book production. 


A staple for every writer is a notebook they carry around everywhere with them. You’ll never know when an idea will strike, so it’s highly recommended to carry a small handy notebook. Aside from bringing it everywhere, also keep one of these on your desk. An amazing line or a brilliant scene might pop while you’re watching YouTube videos so place it where you can easily reach for it. 

Of course, if you’re not a traditional writer that lives by paper and pen, smartphones always have notes application ready where you can also write down sudden ideas. 

Inspirational Photo or Quote

Place inspirational photos or motivational quotes on the wall near your writing area or have them as a phone or laptop background. If you’re feeling a bit uninspired, your favorite quote might just help. Not only will it remind you to “write!” but will also squeeze out your creative juices. 

Desk Lamp

A desk favorite. Whether you’re writing by pen and paper or you are leaning towards using your laptop, having a desk lamp helps a lot. Especially when you are burning the midnight oil or a sudden idea hits you at 2 in the morning. Also, writing or looking at your laptop screen in the dark will strain your eye so save yourself the headache and eyestrain and get a good lamp desk that will light your desk. 

Ergonomic Chair

Writing or typing for long periods of time will eventually take a toll on your body. Most especially, your neck and back. One device that can help with these inconveniences is an ergonomic chair. 

An ergonomic chair is specifically designed to provide support to back muscles. So if you’ve been finding yourself sitting for long periods of time, writing and typing down your write-ups, invest in a good ergonomic chair and save yourself from back pain. 

Alongside a good ergonomic chair is a good writing desk. Whether you’re sitting or standing up, there will always be a comfortable writing desk that will suit you and your preferences. 

Personal Writing Machines

There are writers that prefer writing with pen and paper but with the world’s evolution, eventually, what you write down on pieces of paper, you’ll have to transfer to your computer. That is why is a writing machine is also a necessity for writers. 

What we recommend the most is a laptop that is small enough to fit snugly into most of your bags. The main reason for this is so that it is easy to carry everywhere. There will be moments where writing inside the four corners of your room or home office gets pretty tiring and dull. Maybe you want a walk in the park or grab your favorite drink at a nearby coffee shop to get your blood pumping. While you’re at it, bring your laptop with you. J.K Rowling even wrote the first of the Harry Potter books in a cafe! 

Favorite Books

Nothing will inspire you to write more than the books that made you want to write in the first place. 

Put a few of your favorite books near you while you’re writing and when you enter a slump, reread your favorite chapters, look for exciting scenes or act out lines that you find fascinating. 

Goal Board

Put a goal board near your writing area, just a thing to remind you why you’ve been working hard this whole time. Stick your outlines there, your main characters, photos of where you imagine your setting to be, everything that will inspire and remind you of your goal in the first place. 

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