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The Top 5 Applications for Automatic Writing (Updated 2020)

automatic writing

Writing is a creative way of expressing one’s emotion, explaining a concept, and telling a story. Writing is an art form, and like other art forms, it has a lot of rules and regulations that pertain to how it is performed and executed. These rules and regulations include grammar, word choice, structured flow, and cohesion.   

Some people are not capable or that good when it comes to performing this skill because they fall victim to the rules and regulations that are associated with it. Thankfully, through the wide array of technological advancements, there are various apps that one can download, most especially if grammar or vocabulary isn’t their strong suit.

Regardless of whether you’re doing it to be innovative or in light of the fact that it’s the job, writing with the usage of the wrong tools resembles wearing some pants to work out. It’s said to be constricting, and without enough support you get the job done. 

You need to write something on point, there’s no such thing as avoiding it even in the world of auto-correct good grammar and spell checker, cause it still matters to employers. This is particularly obvious adrift, in a safety-critical industry, it’s significantly more imperative to be 100% accurate when writing. A missed comma here or full stop there can thoroughly change the entire meaning of a sentence. Be that as it may, who has the opportunity to get familiar with the difference between adjuncts and adverbials? Time is valuable adrift and significantly more so aground. 

There are heaps of writing applications and tools – so numerous that when you discover the applications you want, you likely won’t be in the mood to write any longer. Keep away from exhaustion by scrolling down and looking at our rundown of helpful writer’s tools and word processing applications. 

This is a list of 5 good apps that were made for automatic writing as follows:

1. A Soft Murmur

1 6

This app does not revolve around writing alone, but it helps the aspiring author to be in the most literal ‘author mood’ wherein all the words will come, and everything flows smoothly. As a downloaded application, it helps a lot, most especially if the author is either at home with their respective family or outside being too noisy by nature, wherein they need calming sounds that set an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. 

The situational ambiance of a writing area means a lot, in order to make every writing opportunity productive and successful in entirety. Research shows that a moderate level of situational ambient noise is ideal for creative cognition, and creativity is always necessary for executing an art. 

This app is free and it features a white-noise machine combined with a soundboard, and it allows the aspiring author to select their very own soundscape freely,  simply by combining any of the 10 themed settings presented in the app.

2. Freedom

2 6

The second app is called “Freedom”. This app by feature does not help the author on how to write, but it helps the author write in the means of setting the mood. 

In this modern society, the apps of social media have become mainstream, to the point where a person can spend a whole day on their social media without doing anything else. A sudden question arises on the mind of the author who uses the  application which is on: “How can he or she structure a strong and appealing narrative, given the immense impact of social media at the backdrop of the app?” The direct response would be, the author needs to adapt and characterize an in-depth intake amount of willpower which is sometimes a case-to-case basis. 

Well definitely, any author without an incredible intake amount of willpower will truly experience an unprecedented reality of difficulty during the writing process. If he or she does not have that kind of power, then he or she should go to their respective browser on the Internet and enter: Freedom. It is both an app, and a website-blocker that gives them the ultimate gift of focus. 

Any author of concern has the grand opportunity of blocking unnecessary websites,  applications, and the entirety of the Internet, with the equivalent long duration that they would want to, respectively. The author should start the process by establishing a barrier that would impede any environmental distraction that surrounds the author. Also, it is best for the author to greatly consider the creation of a blocking schedule, which will be beneficial whenever he or she performs the blocking process in automaticity, most especially when he or she begins the writing process. 

3. Calmly

3 7

The third app is called “Calmly”. In a refined feature, it is an app that enhances the author’s writing as a whole. In the description, the application features a writing tool that is both non-destructive and simple. 

Also, the application’s interface is easy-to-use wherein it has a built-in ability to block in entirety, all of the whistles and bells that are found on a commonly used word processing interface and in relativity, the author can freely zero in on the word choice that he or she uses. 

The application has a built-in array of keyboard shortcuts, markdown formatting and also, a special “focus mode” which is when the author chooses to highlight a section so that the author, in the most literal sense, can focus on that particular section. If the author doesn’t know what to focus on in particular, because to them it is more important to focus on the core of the writing process, he or she should highlight the current paragraph that either he or she is writing at the moment, so that as an author, he or she won’t get lost or in the longer run, drown in a sea of words. 

Also, this app can also be used for many things, if the concerned individual is not a full-fledged author as a background, but on the contrary, is an editor that is meant to revise written works. This app is also designed for every thriving author to make it a fruitful note-taking and editing tool, alongside with the goal of effective and efficient writing.

4. Grammarly

4 6

The fourth app is called “Grammarly”. This application is very popular, for it is typically targeted and worldly used by anyone around the world, who centers their life on the premise of writing with confidence and ease.

The app is widely used in deep dependence and reliability from the perspective of students to employees, and by everyone whose main concern is to promote the congruent flow of his or her write-up, narrative, essay, and article.  This app is intended for people who would want to be confident with their ability to weave a compelling story, but they have to deal with it, sometimes in terms of being shaky with the subject-verb agreement or being in a dilemma of dangling modifiers. 

This free writing app scans all of the text for grammatical mistakes and it doesn’t only prompt the author to correct them, but it also explains why it is grammatically wrong, so the author in return can learn from it, and adapt such learning for future purposes. 

The app’s interface is unique and minimalistic if the individual concerned were to start typing something on an email, document, or even in a text, respectively. In relation to such premises, when the person makes a mistake during his or her writing process, the grammatical mistake will be underlined with the use of a red line, and when the mouse cursor hovers over on the specific and particular error, it will correct that error in a paced speedy manner. 

As an example, if the writer commits a mistake in terms of spelling, an auto-corrected spelling will be provided by the application itself. Another interesting feature of the app is that it can detect the tone in the author’s message.

For example, if the author’s essay is about starving artists who are left behind and that they demand change in society, then the tone would be angry. In entirety, the user can even customize the tones with emojis, alongside with his or her writing process. 

5. Scrivener

5 7

The fifth and final app is called “Scrivener”. This is also a popular app because any list of every single good writing app will not be complete without the infamous Scrivener. 

This tool can be depicted in the description as a digital binder with three rings, and it is meant to gather all of the author’s notes, the author’s research, and the author’s writing in only one easily manageable place so that the author can move between their manuscripts and their reference materials with much ease, comfort, pace, and confidence. 

The Scrivener’s text editor is a lot similar to a word processor but it is even better. The text editor has a lot of elements with its formatting which is quite simple to use, the annotation, the interesting style, and straightforward footnote settings save a lot of time and a lot of stress on the part and perspective of the author. 

Also, the author can even set the writing targets for himself or herself,  and at the same time, he or she can track all of his or her writing progress with the use of this deliberately accessible writing app. In addition, when the author is ready to share his or her excellent writing project, he or she can print it using the formatting feature that is automatically tailored to all of the submission guidelines, or as an alternative option, he or she can export it to a wide variety of file formats such as the PDF format as an example.

These 5 top of the line writing applications are the modernized standards of writing nowadays, which is both a blend and a mixture of technological advancements, dipped into the tenet that Writing is more convenient if paired alongside with the birth of current technological innovations that are widely available for usage and adaptation in the entire duration of the writing process.

How to Use Voice Apps for Automatic Writing  

Some individuals may be on the search for apps wherein its primary focus is to take down dictation or to transcribe interviews. At times, it may be tedious to type; press play, and press pause now and then momentarily while trying to take down an interview. 

Such moments during the working progress and writing process may tend to stop one’s flow of ideas as one might not type as fast as they think because of such obstruction. Relatively and thankfully, there is a wide variety of available apps that can be found in the global market nowadays. 

It is a benefit for the individual to grasp these available applications and software for these have the built-in capabilities of helping the individual achieve the goal of silencing the internal editor concerned found in the application and software, which in return can help him or her attain and obtain focus and concentration on writing at the present moment, and then afterward, editing on the later part. 

To continue with, speech to text software is also ideal for those individuals who have difficulty using their hands such as people with Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia, and other relative medical conditions and special needs as a part and parcel of their individuality. 

This part of the article will be a list of several speech to text tools that can aid in speeding up the individual’s writing process. The enlisted apps are dominantly high inaccuracy, which in totality can reach maximally up to 90% in rate or even at a higher benchmark. 

With regards to the prices, the range would vary because some of these apps are free yet some may cost up to a maximal amount of a couple of hundred dollars. But the best part of it is that the choices are a ton and a handful, thus the selected option and choice of the individual should and must be a perfectly even match to his or her need and budget, respectively. The apps are listed in a variation from free apps to paid apps, so to speak.

1. Google Docs

6 5

The first voice app is called  “Google Docs” voice typing function. This is a  free and available app that can be found on both desktop and on android. This is quick and simple to set up as an additive feature of the app. 

To install this app, the individual must sign up using his or her Gmail account and after which, he or she will have instant access to everything in a matter of minutes. One must simply activate the voice typing function found in the ‘Tools’ section and upon selecting that, the dictation process will start immediately.

A multifaceted array of editing and formatting options is offered by the application, in terms of its voice typing function. In addition, issues may be encountered by the individual who speaks and converses with other people as well as with the app, with the usage of an accent.  To continue with, the application has a problem in terms of the provision of punctuations, as it may tend to take down either a  “period” or a “full stop”. Yet, despite this problem, the individual is assured in a maximal optimum level that the application is both user-friendly and accurate for usage. 

In conclusion, the application offers the individual a surety of a high standard performance which is an innate trademark found in every downloadable application package created by Google, respectively. 

2. Windows Dictation

7 2

The second voice app is called: “Windows Dictation”. The beauty of this voice app is that it is both a built-in feature package in Windows 10 and that it is free of charge. The downloading process includes initialization, opening the downloaded app after the initialization process and then finally, the selection of the microphone icon, to have a full blast use of the voice app. 

To continue with, after the setup process is finished, the voice app will immediately type in accordance with the heard voice from the individual, in terms of the location of the cursor. The voice app can work well in a variety of documents, emails, social media, and a whole lot more, depending on the preference of the individual using the app. 

For example, the individual can place the cursor on the address bar and say the following: “Google dot com, enter” and in just an instant, it will immediately go to the Google web browser, respectively. It is proven evidence that this voice app can perform a variety of commands. As an example, in particular, the help file section features a benchmarked list of commands and instructions that are useful for the individual, as he or she will be typing letters, symbols, numbers, and punctuation during the writing process. 

However, the disadvantageous side of it is that it is only available in English, so to speak. 

3. Apple or Siri Dictation

8 2

The third voice app is called “Apple or Siri Dictation” which is both a free and a built-in voice application in Mac gadgets. Upon turning on and enabling the voice application will allow it to work smoothly in the individual’s gadget upon using the application for writing purposes. 

For example, Siri can do these functions, wherein one just has to say the following:  “Siri, turn on Dictation”. The beauty of this voice app is that it comes in a variety of several languages and corresponding dialects which is very multicultural on the part of the individual who uses the voice app regardless of the race and culture that he or she is a part of. In addition, the voice app features an enhanced mode. This mode allows the individual to use the voice app anytime and anywhere with the benefit of not being connected to the Internet. 

On the other hand, the help file option has specifically innate instructions that are necessary for punctuation, characters, and formatting purposes during the writing process of the individual concerned. 

In relation to the said feature, the voice app has the innate ability of typing wherever the individual has placed the cursor, which is remarkably great for word processors. Relatively, it also adapts to various accents which is truly a great deal in considering the use of a voice application. 

4. Speechnotes

9 2

The fourth voice app is called: “Speechnotes”. In the description, this voice application is a free online notepad by feature and can take dictation completely and congruently. As a voice app, it has the innate ability to back read what has been written already by the individual as well as the dynamic features of formatting, punctuation, and auto-saving the individual’s work while dictating, so to speak. 

However, the disadvantageous part of this voice app is that it only works directly with the use of the Google Chrome Web Browser. 

With what has been said about this voice application, in terms of its dynamism is that it has the innate dual ability of storage and safekeeping in terms of the individual’s file folders, downloadable and emails that are either way saved as a Word Document, a text file or as an uploaded file in a Google Drive, which in any way can be successfully copied to the individual’s clipboard during the writing process. 

The beauty of the Speechnotes voice application is that it has the diverse and versatile ability to work with 10 different languages, as well as with the inclusion of a premium extension intended for the Google Chrome Web Browser. 

This premium extension provides direct access as an additive to a couple of simple features like word count and a quick access button to the Chrome Bar as a whole.  

5. Dictation

10 1

The fifth voice app is called: “Dictation”. This voice application can be downloaded free online and is intended to operate smoothly and effectively through the Google Chrome Web Browser. The voice application has the innate capability of storing the text that can be found in the browser which prohibits such text to be uploaded anywhere else. 

To continue with, the voice application can record what is written inside the text editor respectively as it has the inclusion of some additive formatting options wherein it provides comfort and ease, in the perspective of the individual, as it is well-versed and adaptive in terms of working with a wide array of languages, worldwide. 

With this on hand, the individual can copy, save, publish, tweet, play as speech, email and print what he or she has written in an achievable manner through the wide use of this voice application. 

The inclusive commands for quotes, special characters, emojis, punctuation marks, and brackets as well as a list of phrases to perform several other commands are unique features of this voice application which makes it more beneficial for the writer as he or she ventures in his or her writing job as a process. 

6. Speech Texter


The sixth voice app is called: “Speech Texter”. Speech Texter is another free online voice app that works well with the use of the Google Chrome web browser. It includes several formatting options wherein the individual writer can choose from. 

It has a customized dictionary that includes short commands to enter data like punctuation, phone numbers, names, addresses, and other pertinent data. An individual can also add his or her commands in accordance with his or her preference.  

The voice application provides individuals a wide range of lexical support, as it can cater to over 60 languages worldwide. It is definitely accurate at a 90% rate for most of the worldly known languages, including the English Language at a 95% accuracy rate, respectively. 

In conclusion, an individual can have an option of downloading the file either as a text or a Word document, or on the later part, he or she can also directly print it. 

7. Voice Finger

The seventh voice app is called: “ Voice Finger” which costs $10 to be exact, upon the purchase of an individual. 

This voice application permits the individual to control his or her Windows PC through a means of vocal dictation as its feature. The activation process for the voice application involves the following steps which are first, opening the document in any editor software, and second, turning on the dictation features will follow, and from then on, third, the individual can start speaking after performing the first two steps. 

It is an option for every individual to disable by default, the usage of the mouse and keyboard while using this application. But on the contrary, it is a highly considerable option to turn on the two disabled usages with the use of voice commands. 

The beauty of this voice application is that the individual will have control over the settings, and can tune it over to his or her voice, in accordance to the individual’s preference. 

8. E-Speaking

The eight-voice application is called: “E-Speaking”. This voice application costs $14 to be exact and is known as a Windows application that allows any individual to control his or her PC with the usage of a 100 built-in voice commands. 

Another additional feature of this voice application is its so-called: “Speech to Text Feature”. This feature allows an individual to write in any available text editor with a vast array of 26 enlisted commands as a prime resource for formatting, editing, dictating, navigating, editing, and adding punctuation, symbols, and numbers are among the encapsulated built-ins of this voice app’s speech to text feature. 

8. Braina


The ninth voice app is called: “Braina”. Braina is a voice app that is intended to promote personal and office productivity as a downloadable application in the perspective of the individual who will use it. 

There are two options for the individual who is willing to purchase it. It has an edition that is free to be downloaded and on the contrary, there is also an available pro-edition that costs around $49 to be exact. 

In relation to the pro- edition, the respective edition has a speech to text feature and other multi-dimensional features that control the computer with the individual’s voice either in the different parts of his or her house or through the wide use of a WI-FI network. As an added feature to this voice app, its package includes over 100 languages as its scope and core, as to which individual will access the application. 

It has the innate ability as well to exemplify the conversion of the individual’s voice into text with any website or application concerned like for example, MS Word or Notepad that includes the accessibility of dictation commands through the use of Windows as an example. 

10. Dragon


The tenth voice app is called: “Dragon”. This voice application is worth a couple of hundred dollars to be exact. Dragon is renowned as the most popular name in terms of speech to text software. 

The infamous Dragon Professional Individual is highly intended for business and professional writing. Its synchronization is highly doable and achievable with the mobile app called: “Dragon Anywhere.” 

In addition, the voice application is a perfect matched suggestion for dictation and transcription. It is profoundly equipped with Deep Learning wherein through the latter application, the adaptation to the individual’s voice and the environment is highly attuned.

The beauty of this voice application is that it is highly customizable and alongside it, its inclusion of voice commands and editing features makes it very versatile with a lot of applications. Its compatibility with various gadget brands is a great takeaway for any individual who purchases this voice application such as with Windows 7 up to 10 and for Mac is definitely a grand prime to the individual’s budget. 

In conclusion, a home version of the voice application is also available in the global market in a half the price benchmark. 

These tremendous voice applications are definitely useful in terms of making writing an easier and comfortable process, job, and skill. It is the intent of each of these voice applications that writing will be more enjoyable and worthwhile on the part of the individual.

Simple Step by Step guide to Do Automatic Writing 

1. Choose a medium. Would you like to utilize a computer for your automatic writing session or would you like to utilize pen/pencil and paper? This is entirely based on your own personal preference. Some would contend that pen and paper is the only good way to utilize automatic writing, however, in the event that you can type quicker than you can write (and you’re more OK with it), it could be more useful to utilize a PC. 

2. Give yourself any topic or questions that you want to expound on. If ever that you are rehearsing automatic writing to improve your creative abilities, or to assist yourself with starting on a writing task, at that point it will be useful to have a brief or the like. 

You could, for instance, write about something that has been at the forefront of your thoughts lately, or about a dream, you had been lately hanging out in your mind. Maybe it’s a problem you have or something you are amped up for. Possibly, you have something new for a story at the top of the priority list, in which case you can utilize that as your subject or main topic. If ever that you haven’t exactly fleshed out in your psyche all the details of the story you’d prefer to write, you can just expound on all the various ideas you do have. 

3. Set a timer. 10 minutes should be a good beginning stage. Setting a timer will assist you with abstaining from contemplating whether you’ve been writing for quite some time. 

Keep in mind that 10 minutes is only a suggested beginning stage. On the off chance that you need to write for more, at that point do as such. On the off chance that you set your timer for 10 minutes, yet you sense that you have more to write, you should prop up until you feel that you’ve gotten it full scale. 

4. Start writing. Just write whatever comes into your psyche as it comes into your mind. Ideally, it will be related to your theme, yet on the off chance that it is random, you should in any case write it. 

5. Just continue with your writing. In the event that, after utilizing automatic writing you feel that you are prepared to proceed onward to the following step in your writing process, at that point do as such. Then again, on the off chance that you feel that you have pushed ahead, yet haven’t gotten what you asked for from the activity, don’t hesitate to repeat as often as necessary.

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