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Be a Better Writer with the Best 7 Grammar Books That Writers Live By

To learn how to write, you must read. And nothing beats learning the ropes of being a writer than starting first with grammar books. 

If you think about it, learning the difference between “your” and “you’re” doesn’t seem like a big deal but believe it or not, knowing the ins and outs of grammar can open opportunities for you. There are some managers and employers who show favor in solid communication and language skills over other skillsets. 

If you want to improve your writing, check and study the best grammar books that every writer should own!

The Elements Of Style By Strunk And White

There’s a reason why this book is the “Holy Grail” of grammar books. It is a book on English writing style guide, included all the rules of use, principles of composition, matters of form, and commonly misused expressions and words. 

For most college grammar classes, this book is a required reading or often used as a reference for academic papers. If you are a new writer and you want to master the basic grammar rules, better check this book out! 

Check it out here!

Eats Shoots And Leaves By Lynne Truss

Most grammar and writing style guide books can be quite boring to read. They can be the perfect sleeping pill if you are having a hard time sleeping with how dry they can be. But if you are looking for a grammar book that keeps you entertained while you read, you have to check out Eats Shoots And Leaves By Lynne Truss

This book talks about everything you need to know about punctuation. The best thing is that it uses funny examples to make reading and learning fun. It also delves into a bit of history if you are ever curious when did question mark become a question mark. 

Check it out here!

Woe Is I By Patricia T. O’Conner

Written by a former editor who has seen the common errors of writers, Woe Is I By Patricia T. O’Conner explores the grammar errors that even professional writers make. 

This book is written in plain English, making it easy for anyone to comprehend, as well as, explaining the commonly confused words in the English language and when they should be used. 

Check it out here!

Grammar Books

Several Short Sentences About Writing By Verlyn Klinkenborg

This book will give you the reason why it’s important to communicate with strong sentences. 

Klinkenborg’s philosophy is that if a writer can write a strong, solid sentence, then the writer can write strong paragraphs, chapters, and books. 

Some readers find this book a bit revolting to read since its main focus is on sentence construction. However, the writer was able to piece all of this together and teach the writer how to write better through strong sentences.

Check it out here!

Write Right! By Jan Venolia

This book focuses on why good grammar is important. This book is a well-organized book with explanations and illustrations that helps people understand the importance of language and its rule. 

The great thing about this book is that it is frequently updated. The current times have shown that rules can change quickly, and so can grammar rules. Every new edition of this guide keeps up with the changes in the grammar world, as well. 

Check it out here!

Practical English Usage By Michael Swan

This book is perfect if you are looking for a book that tackles both English speaking and written grammar. It is written using simple English, making it easy to read and understand. 

One of the main focuses of this is book is vocabulary. Since written and spoken words sometimes don’t match, this book is perfect for setting those confusing vocabularies right. Aside from vocabulary, the book also covers idioms, spelling issues, and other common mistakes. 

Check it out here!

An A-Z Of English Grammar & Usage By Leech, Cruickshank, And Ivanic

For the teachers and students, this book is a reference book for grammar. It is written in a dictionary-like format, making it easier to look for what you want. A perfect guide for those who are taking English as their second language. 

The book focuses more on words and phrases and not so much on rules. Though, you’ll be able to read a few explanations here and there. 

Check it out here!

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