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Blogging 101: The Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2022

You want to start a blog? Great! But the million-dollar question is, what do you want to write about? With the number of topics you can blog about, it can get puzzling to select just one. 

To launch a successful blog, you need to choose the niche or topic that you can write confidently about. In this article, we have round up the most popular types of blogs that might interest you. 

Fashion blogs

Popular Types of Blogs

If you are interested in fashion and style, it might be a glee for you to find out that one of the most popular blog topics to write about are fashion topics. It’s a booming industry and has a huge audience. Famous fashion bloggers get invited to major fashion events and get to receive perks and merchandise. The fortunate ones get casted or offered business deals by fashion brands. 

Food blogs

If we are feeling lost on what to cook for the day, we venture into the broad world of food blogs. It is another popular type of blog that attracts readers worldwide. It consists of recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, and any food-related information. 

Most food bloggers started with giving restaurant reviews or food recommendations. And as the blog grows in traffic, so does the blogger’s interests and audience. Sooner or later, they’ll start posting other food-related topics, like recipes. 

Travel blogs

During the past few years, traveling has become extremely popular. Millennials have made it a goal to travel every once in a while and those cinematic drone shots on Youtube are always something to envy about. 

Those who are planning to travel turn to these travel blogs for the best destinations, travel tips and tricks, and advice on how to go around places. 

Lifestyle blogs

Creating a lifestyle blog means you have a broad range of topics to write about. And though this means that your blog site is littered with topics from culture to politics, it always attracts readers because of the diversity it offers in just one platform. 

A lifestyle blog also makes it easier to plan content because of the abundant number of topics to write. Famous lifestyle bloggers get to be influencers and speakers, write for other publications or websites, or partner with lifestyle brands. 

Fitness blogs

Fitness blogs are popular blogs to venture on, not only because of exercising topics but also because of general health. A lot of people turn to the Internet to ask for advice on how to stay fit and eat healthy so the audience for this niche is neverending. 

Fitness bloggers can blog about diet, diet plans, workouts, supplements, and general fitness and health. To make their blog more interesting, they can also post videos to explain and demonstrate different exercises and what they can do for the body. 

Finance blogs

If you’ve ever searched the Internet for how to save money, chances are you are led right into a finance blog. 

Finance blogs are popular then, it is still extremely popular now. A lot of people scour the web for advice on how to manage finances efficiently, how to invest, or successfully govern business finances, and finance blogs have multiple answers to these questions. 

They share posts about startups, businesses, investors, and individuals, and family finances, as well. 

Pet blogs

Pet bloggers have a loyal audience. Since pet owners are always wondering what goes on their pets’ heads or if they’ve encountered a health or behavior problem from their animals, they turn to the Internet to seek advice and tips from other animal lovers. 

Pet bloggers blog about pets’ health, grooming, food, training, and other additional information that a pet owner might look for on the web. It is also a great platform to raise awareness on animal rights and abuse or advocate about adopting, protecting, and saving animals. 

Gaming blogs

It’s the era of gaming and gaming blogs are extremely popular for gamers who are looking for the latest games, gaming hardware and cheat, and events. It wasn’t a very popular niche back then but with the growth of technology and innovative hardware, the gaming niche quickly became one of the most popular topics to write on. 

Gaming blogs are managed by gamers and official communities of game developing agencies. Popular gaming bloggers are often offered the opportunity to beta a game, receive gaming accessories to review them or be invited to gaming events. 

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