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Top 10 Best Letter Writing Paper

A Purposeful Background of Letter Writing

Letter writing is both a personal and valuable expression of both the heart and mind. This practice has been done originally in the past, when technology has not yet advanced and developed as to what it is today, both in modernity and adaptability. 

The effect of letter writing is both a therapy and a means of communication, that any individual can apply and use, in terms of writing what he or she feels at the moment because this form of writing is a gateway of emotions and feelings as a whole. 

Aside from that, any treasure or fortune is incomparable and definitely not an exact equivalence, in terms of the long-term result that a personally written letter can bring, in an individual’s lifetime. Thus as a suggestion, a written letter is the best gift that any individual can offer to his or her family, loved ones, friends, and acquaintances as a whole because aside from being distinctly humanitarian, it is also priceless by nature for being heartfelt in gesture. 

The Top 10 Best Letter Writing Paper to Buy

Whether letter writing is a lost art or not, there is still something extremely beautiful and noble in receiving handwritten letters, either from a loved one, a friend, or even simply an acquaintance. 

The joy in writing letters is incomparable to writing a text message or a post on social media because it retains the beauty of choosing every single word carefully, words that cannot be erased or backspaced once written down. In this  article, a compilation of the top ten luxurious writing paper companies are featured, wherein the highly appreciative individual  can buy their products online for the purposes of reference and perusal. Who knows, any sentimental individual concerned may end up buying one for himself or herself. 

For the first part of this article, below are the top five long-lasting stationery companies that has been around for hundreds of years in the business as follows: 


1 10

Hailed as one of the important pioneers of British craftsmanship, Smythson was founded in 1887 and has been in the business for over a hundred years. Their luxury goods vary from plain and personalized stationeries such as writing papers, cards, invitations, notebooks, to leather goods and accessories. 

Smythson writing personalized paper comes in various sizes from Kings Writing Paper to Imperial Writing Paper and even up to A4 Writing Paper. Their plain writing paper also comes in a variety of colors and sizes such as White Laid Kings Writing Paper, Bond Street Blue Kings Writing Paper, White Laid A4 Writing Paper, Cream Wove A4 Writing Paper, Bordered Kings Writing Paper, and Nile Blue A4 Writing Paper among others. 

Benneton Graveur 

2 10

Founded in 1880 Paris, France, the Benetton Products are known, up until today, as one of the most prestigious stationery companies in the world. They make personal and professional stationery, either printed or with engravings. Besides the infamous stationery, they also make cards, invitations, heraldic engravings, leather goods, and libris. 

Crane & Co. 

3 11

Crane & Co. was founded in 1801 in New York City and is one of the long-lasting luxurious stationery companies. Their paper is made out of pure cotton, which heightens the quality, beauty, and sophistication of their paper products which range from letter sheets, jotter cards, envelopes, cards, and invitations. 

Crane and Co.’s letter sheets, both personalized and printed, come in various designs depending on the need and preference of the highly appreciative and sentimental individual. Their products are: Langley Ecru Monarch Sheet, Kingswood Charcoal Bordered Ecru Kent Letter Sheet, Manor Engraved, Ecru Sheet, Palermo Engraved Fluorescent White Kent Letter Sheet, and Personalized Pearl White Kent Letter Sheet with Motif among many and a whole lot more. 


4 10

The longest standing stationery and fountain pen company in this article is the Pineider Company which was founded in 1774 in Florence, Italy. Pineider paper and goods managed to retain its unique quality by using cotton for their paper as well as retaining the traditional method of water-cut deckle-edged paper making. Their goods range from luxurious fountain pens and other writing instruments, stationeries, and other leather products. 

Mrs. John L. Strong 

5 11

Mrs. John L. Strong is another American stationery company founded in 1929 which focuses on the utmost quality of hand engraving letters and motifs on personalized orders. Their products consist mainly of custom-made stationery, collection notes, paper wrapping sheets, and table calendars. 

For the second half of the first part of this article, here are  the top five newcomers in the industry of stationery and letter writing as follows: 


6 9

Founded in 2015, Papier has a variety of aesthetic and curated goods from stationeries, to cards, postcards, photo books, wall art, and various invitations. Their writing paper has a variety of cute paper sets from Blooming Peonies, Minimal Greenery, Navy Border, Botanical, Mint Border, The Jag, Flamingo, Zebra Marble, and Blush Border among dozens of other kinds. 

 Imogen Owen 

7 5

Relatively new to the industry, Imogen Owen was established only in 2014 but has claimed to be at the forefront of ‘UK’s modern calligraphy. Their product ranges from lifestyle and home accessory gifts to various cards, and stationery sets. They also offer workshops on calligraphy. Their writing correspondence set varies in different animal designs from Parrot, Monkey, Flamingo, Toucan, and Butterfly to plants such as Fern, Anemone, and Cyclamen. 


8 5

Moglea, pronounced as MOG-LEE, was established last 2012 and is famous for its abstract and colorful designs in cards, notebooks, notepads, stationery, gift wrappers, gifts, phone cases, clocks, and even artworks. Their stationeries are definitely one of a kind with its own unique sets and names such as Mineral Set, Maza Letterquette, Geode Set, Guava Mini Letterquette, Mondrian Set, Antigua Mini Letterquette, Blue Grid Set, Beluga Mini Letterquette, and a Bauhaus Set. 

Rifle Paper Co. 

9 5

Rifle Paper Co. was established in 2009 and also has a variety of goods and services from greeting cards, postcards, social stationery sets, assorted card sets, digital cards, photo books, wedding collection, accessories, home decors, planners, Keds, and even drink ware. Their social stationery sets have an aesthetic touch such as their Botanical, Juliet Rose, and Colette Social Stationery Set. 

Jeeves and Co. 

10 3

Jeeves and Co. was founded in 1992 and offers a variety of goods from writing paper to notepads, books, cards, wax seals, and other gifts and keepsakes. Their writing paper products are Water Birds Writing Paper, Flights of Fancy Writing Paper, Retro Cars Writing Paper, Autumnal Writing Paper, Cosmic Forest Writing Paper, and Marbled Writing Paper among a lot of others. 

In conclusion, as evidently stated and mentioned above, those stationery paper companies who belong to the longest stint in the industry have expanded to even more luxurious products such as leather goods and accessories. While on the other hand,  those stationery paper companies who are fairly new have expanded to everyday necessities such as home décor, and planners among others. 

Whichever of these stationery companies have absolutely caught the attention, of either the sleek and sophisticated design of Smythson or the aesthetic prints of Rifle Paper Co., it is advisable for the highly sentimental individual,  to never let the art of letter writing get lost or fade away in the whirlwind of ever-evolving technology by getting into the practice as well, so that this letter form will not die in the long run. 

The Steps to Follow on Making a Letter Writing Paper

Some people say that letter writing is a lost and forgotten art of the past. Some people also say that letter writing is outdated and old fashioned.

Well, they can say whatever they want to say, but definitely, letter writing enthusiasts believe that letter writing is still very relevant and equally important, most especially during trying times wherein an individual concerned is unable to be physically present for their respective friends and loved ones who live far away from them, so to speak. 

No matter how convenient a text or a direct message  is, at the end of the day, a letter still makes all the impactful difference matter both for the senders and for those on the receiving end, who are the receivers, respectively.

In the previous and first part of this article, that was read and discussed, a compilation of ten luxurious letter writing paper companies, as well as stationery companies that can be bought online were featured. For the second part of this article, a core focus will be dealt heavily on how a highly appreciative and sentimental individual can make his or her own customized writing paper if he or she wants his or her letters to have a tad bit that is more personal and most authentic to the touch. 

The beauty of individually making a customized letter writing paper is that the individual will have full and ultimate control on what happens to the paper from the design up to the final touches. 

Alongside with it, the don’ts in making a customized letter writing paper should also be avoided by the highly appreciative and sentimental individual, in order to make the process and steps more doable and achievable, in the perspective of the individual, relatively. 

There are only three basic steps that an individual should observe, abide and follow in making his or her own letter writing paper. 

As a primary tip, the individual should find the kind of paper that he or she wants to use, add his or her design and personal touch, and lastly, create his or her own envelope.

Step One

The first step in making an individualized letter writing paper is figuring out what kind of paper that the individual  wishes to use. 

When it comes to papers, there are tons of varieties that the individual can choose from such, as the good old plain bond paper that is commonly used by everybody or relatively with other eco-friendly recycled materials that can be reused for both an environmental and humanistic purpose.  During the entire step, the individual is given the free choice to use any kind of paper, as long as it is heavily laden with his or her preference and choice. 

Usually, a preferable choice for letter writing is the 8.5 X 11 letter paper or the A4 paper size.

Step Two

12 1

The next step involves the individual’s creation and addition of a personal design on his or her paper. 

The individual can use a variety of materials such as watercolor, rubber stamps, leaves, coloring pencils, collages, ripped magazine clippings, washi tapes, and a thousand other materials to personalize the paper. In addition, the individual can also try the burnt edges technique to give his or her paper a rustic look. 

As a friendly reminder to the individual, who would like to discover, develop and harness his or her artistic, creative and crafty side, he or she must be careful whenever he or she uses a lighter to burn the edges of his or her paper. In addition, the creative individual  can also opt for a simpler aesthetic touch by adding small lines and dots here and there on the edges of the paper for a minimal, clean look. 

As a reminder to the artistic individual, the more that the originally created paper is uniquely special to the recipient individual, the better and meaningful it is as a whole. This part is especially intended to ignite the inner creativity of the individual, which comes into the picture as an impactful blast and thus, he or she should not hesitate to let it out, once the opportunity is provided for him or her.

Step Three

11 2

For envelope making, the creative and artistic individual will need a colorful scrapbook paper, or any thick paper, for that matter, that is 12X12 in exact size. 

As a preliminary, the individual begins by putting a piece of his or her card at the center which will serve as the guide or pattern for the size of his or her envelope. Afterwhich, he or she must cut the scrapbook about half an inch from the card and fold it afterwards. Next, the individual must glue it down with the use of a glue stick. 

Lastly, the individual must make a triangle cut on the top and fold it down. 

A well-deserved greeting of Congratulations, is expected to be received by the artistically ladened individual, as he or she has creatively done a personalized envelope with a fashionably fancy interior. In addition, the individual must never forget to use a postage stamp to complete the entire finished look. In continuation, there are also other ways to make a customized letter writing paper, most especially if an individual  happens to be extra busy but he or she still wants to squeeze in a little letter writing. 

The individual can also find online, an array of ready-made templates that are printable. As an epitome of originality, the individual is encouraged to add a few little touches of original preference, as well as the design of his or her choice, then a definitive of being a good to go product is a surety, in the long run. 

With the purposeful intent of this article, letter writing is relatively super easy. It’s just that people tend to think that it requires too much time and effort, but definitely, that is not the case, and that they have better things to do as well, in relevance to their individual schedules and routines.

However, with this mindset, an individual is definitely missing out on the fact, that letter writing is also very gratifying and heartwarming. 

Unless the individual has done it before and has received one for himself or herself, he or she will know that there is something about making, writing, and receiving letters that an online message simply cannot beat. Here is a question that is directed to the letter writing enthusiast: When was the last that he or she has given a handwritten letter or note to someone he or she loves? 

Maybe it’s about time for him or her to do so. Thus, as an advice, an individual can pick up a pen and paper and take a grabbed advantage of the time that he or she has in his or her hands, at the very moment that he or she is involved in.

Conclusion: The 4 Impactful Effects of Letter Writing 

Letter Writing is a form of writing that should not die, despite the present innovations and conventions in the world of writing that are presently used by the modern writer and individual so to speak. 

Aside from being a creative writing expression, the health and psychological benefits of letter writing are immense, are a handful and are in-depth in totality. 

Thus, here are the top 4 benefits of letter writing, to the individual who practices and applies such in his or her everyday life either as a form of release or a form of therapeutic impact, in stabilizing and promoting his or her mental and psychological health as a whole, as follows: 

1. Letter writing makes someone absolutely happy inside and out

13 1

As the older generations say, happiness is a choice. This adage is also applied in the realms of letter writing. The happiness that a written letter brings to an individual is beyond comparison and description. 

Aside from being a food for the soul, the written letter is also a great contribution, in perplexing and easing whatever ill, the concerned individual feels at the present moment. Thus, it is an assurance for an individual who sends a letter to his or her close childhood friend for example, that the recipient will be filled with utmost joy and exhilarating feelings that will forever have an imprint in his or her memory lane, forever. 

2. Letter writing is fun both as a routine and as a habit

Fun can be achieved and felt both in a worthwhile and exciting manner. And one of which is through letter writing. The letter writing process is indeed a promise of fun, because of the steps that it incorporates as a systematic procedure. Thus, for the individual who wants to achieve, attain, and obtain fun in an optimal manner, it is highly recommended that he or she ventures into letter writing.  

Letter Writing does not only reconnect and refresh parted relationships and friendships as an innate effect, but it also has the ability to reconcile and patch broken relationships, friendships, and partnerships that were disrupted and separated for many reasons such as rivalry, jealousy, and envy, to mention a few. 

3. Letter writing enhances the mindfulness of an individual in totality


Being mindful in daily living is an advantage, whether the individual is at home, at school, at office or in the daily environment that he or she lives in. 

The mindfulness of an individual can be incorporated also, in the realms of letter writing. In terms of content, sequence, core and scope, an individual with utmost mindfulness and letter writer is keen in all of these aspects, in terms of application and usage. Thus, there is absolutely nothing wrong if an individual is enriched with mindfulness in the duration and entirety of his or her letter writing. He or she must keep into mind that what he or she is writing is centered on the betterment of the recipient as a whole. 

4. Letter writing internally generates the person’s self-reflection state both in image and depiction

The individual’s personality, attitude and character serves as a tripart self-reflection that can be depicted in the eyes of the viewing public and in the eyes of the persons and individuals that surround him or her. Thus, in the letter writing process, an individual should always keep into mind and action that whatever he or she writes in that specific letter for an individual who is the recipient, will definitely create a picturesque impression on who he or she is as a person and as an individual as a whole. 

That in itself, is a conveyed message on how the individual places great hope and faith, on the life-long thrusts of letter writing both on what he or she wants to address, as well as on what he or she wants to emphasize in entirety. 

With these 4 mind-ladened health benefits of letter writing, the individual is hoped to achieve optimal and maximal milestones in his or her life, in order to support and balance his or her goals of creating harmonious and peaceful relationships, in the society that he or she lives in daily. 

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