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How to Start Writing

In the field of Educational Psychology, writing is known to be one of the 4 basic language skills together with reading, speaking and listening. Writing is both an art and a process. It is an art because writing is a form of expression wherein the Writer shares his or her literary side and in the long run,  plays a big role for him or her to produce articles, compositions, stories, novels, literary contributions and books with high caliber as a whole. On the other side of the coin, it is a process because in writing, there is a process that we follow and abide in order to promote the mental faculties as well as the innate passion and driving force of the writer to write not only because he or she loves to, but because he or she is willing to break out of one’s shell and in totality, dive into the challenge of being an effective writer in the long run. In this article, I will be sharing to you the 11 different steps and ways to remember that will lead you on how to start writing. As writers would say, both the juvenile and mastered ones, Writing is never easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. Aside from being conscious of the words that you use in writing, you would need to synchronize your ideas from one to the other, in the most impactful and ideal manner. 


Thus when writing, you really need to offer a lot of your time and energy into it, because not only that you are learning it as a hobby, habit and process, but also, you would really want to reach your main goal, and that is to express to your readers, the main intent of your composition and article. On the other hand, Writing brings you to places that you can never imagine. It is because of the fact that you are writing on  varied topics, encapsulated in different categories, as you write on along the way, your internal passion flames, and it leads your creativity to have an outburst and on a larger scale, your imagination runs wild. That is one experience and reality that I can share with you because I personally experience such whenever I write. And I am truly comfortable, happy, at ease and at my most serene and creative mode when I write, listening to old songs of the past  on the side while writing because I consider myself as an old and creative soul and I can truly write effectively with music at my side. Yet that is on another set of discussion. I would just like to share to you how I feel whenever I write as a proud Writer.  So, with regards to our article today, here are the 11 ways that you need to ponder, reflect, abide and follow, in order for you to start Writing. Let us begin.  

You need to pick your own personal space for you to start writing

Writing is something that you should treat on a more personal level. Writing is like a daily meal that we eat. In order for you to enjoy the sumptuous dish in front of you, you really need to savor it until its last bite. The same analogy goes with Writing. In the environment or place that you are in, you need to choose your own personal space.  Having a personal space for writing allows you not only to have privacy but also, it encourages you to decipher many thoughts, insights, and ideas that you can incorporate in your writing piece regardless of the form of writing required from you. An idea of personal space can be your personal bedroom. Aside from being alone in your room while writing, and having no distractions as well, your bedroom contributes to setting the mood of Writing for you. Because aside from that it is yours, your interrelationship with what you write goes on an in-depth level. 

Set a time framework and schedule for your writing process

As the famous English adage says; “Time is Gold. Use it wisely.”, this adage can be greatly applied in writing. Following a time framework in Writing, allows you to be mindful also not only with the time, but with your consistency in writing as well, depending largely on your body clock and bodily condition. For example, if you tend to be more enthusiastic about writing in the daytime, then it will be beneficial for you. But, if you’re more comfortable writing during the night time, it will still be your choice. As long as your aim is to write with a reason, to write with a purpose, and to write with vigor, then it will lead you to start writing with an edge already because it conforms to your chosen personal time and schedule.  

Beforehand, you need to choose a goal in writing


Goal in writing may not be necessarily on the topic that you will write about. The goal that I am talking about in this part of the article , refers to the number of words or what we call the “Word Count” in writing. Word Count is defined as the amount of word that you are intending to reach in writing as a target. For example, as a start, if you would want to write an article that 100 words, then that will be your goal. But as a reminder, as you continue to write on, you will notice that you will have the  longing already of writing even more than the expected  number of words. That is a beautiful challenge that will turn into a glorious reveal when you write. Because challenging yourself to write more than what is expected is a trademark of a passionate and enthusiastic writer. 

If you are afraid of starting at the beginning, then prefer to start in the middle

A lot of experienced writers adapt to this practice because they find it effective for them. Because some writers face the dilemma of not knowing what to write at the beginning of each writeup, they prefer to start in the middle. To state a specific scenario, whenever an author writes a book, the introduction and the very first pages of the book is the most critical section to start with. And with that, since the author finds it crucial, he or she prefers to write with the aim of being so forward and advanced in thinking. That is highly appreciated and perfectly fine because there is no rule that the author violates in that sense. It is through this practice that the Author sets the characters and the plot of the story and in the longer run, inspires him or her to go back at the beginning and set the introduction of the book being written. The same practice goes with writing because you will never be judged by the reader if you start writing in the middle because what they see is already the finished product of your labor.  

In writing, always carry with you the practice of starting small and building up as you continue and progress in your writing


 In the most literal sense as I may write and say, never compare yourself to the most speedy sports car that you see on the road or in a car race when you write. Always take your time genuinely. This means that in the first part of your composition, you do not need to be gruesome or be blunt immediately. For example, if you are writing a ghost story, it is not essential if you scare the main character of the story on the first page because in writing, timing is also an added factor that you need to be aware of. Writing creates an interrelation with Film. As you notice in several highest grossing movies of all time like ‘Pretty Woman” wherein Julia Roberts was the lead actress as an example, the crispiness of the story begins in the 5 minute to 10 minutes span of the film. That is also highly applicable when you write.  Always remember that when you write, it is important to add a little suspense and mystery to what you are writing before revealing your main intent because it is through this manner, that you can catch your reader’s attention. In other words, Quality matters a lot more than Quantity when writing.  

In writing, always carry with you the target of incentivizing your reader

Reader’s Engagement plays a great role in assessing how effective are the articles, compositions and stories that you write. Always attain the guiding light and practice that the first and second paragraphs of what you are writing, plays both a crucial and critical role. It is because these are the paragraphs wherein as the reader reads, questions begin to arise in their minds on what goes next, what follows through and what happens as what they are reading progresses. These questions create a ring on their imaginative minds in which writers should be careful and mindful for. The more questions that your readers have in mind as they continue on reading what you have written greatly means that you got their attention and interest, and also, what you have written is indeed something to look forward and anticipate for as they continue to flip on the pages. Make it a point that you are writing articles and compositions that are of high caliber, and in the later part of it all,  it will be a practice that you will adhere to as a routine.  

In writing, commit yourself willingly to a title as an upfront to your original creation 


Readers feel excited when they are given a gist through an upfront title of what you are writing. The title of what you are writing will be your greatest constellation in the universe, which will inspire you in achieving the purpose behind what you are writing. The advantage of having a title as an upfront is that your gut feels and intuition increases while writing. Your inclination to self-questioning will go upbeat because you will already foresee that an idea is missing, insight is lacking, an adage should not be included, this section of the write up should be replaced, thus making your composition and article more valuable and readable that will surely lead to the reader’s maximal satisfaction. Because in totality, writing can be compared to a road that you walk on daily. Upon organizing your ideas, you would realize that you should not head on to this direction, you should turn otherwise to the opposite direction for you to employ to the reader the message of your composition and article, and in a bigger dimension, that will be the long-lasting effect that writing will leave you which is worth imprinting in your creative soul.  

It is advisable for you to create an outline as a guiding framework 

Creating an Outline is advisable in writing because it will serve as a map that will lead you in finding the hidden treasure. A story, article and composition is worth traversing for if an outline is created. For other writers, if they find it impossible to create an outline, they prefer writing guide questions or a synopsis. In writing guide questions, they will be able to assess by themselves if what they are writing met the required standards such as the word count, an insightful introduction, an impactful body, and an empowering conclusion. While on the other hand, some writers prefer to make a synopsis because a synopsis aids a writer to check if they have already discussed this certain aspect, expounded on this specific tenet, addressed  a certain strong idea, and delved in a deeper sense to this dimension. Writing is more beneficial and worthwhile if you observe an outline while doing your original compositions and articles.  

Never constraint yourself to write badly during the writing process


Badly here as a word used does not mean negatively. Writing badly means that you are writing in order to reach the ultimate goal and pursuit of writing and that is perfection. For example, if you have this intent in your article that you want to employ a creative relationship and attachment to your reader who is reading,  so in that guise, you decipher to your senses of writing a story that may be based on a theme that is uniquely with a twist. Afterwhich, you would analyze what you need to include in your plot, and it will directly lead you to think of the set of characters that you will use, and then finally, think of situations and scenarios that are possible in spurring creativity for your story that will make it more enticing to read. These are just some possible focal points that you can think of if your long-term goal is to attain perfection. So as experienced writers say; “Just Write!” because if you continuously write, expect that you can produce something that in the long run, you can polish and work on valuably. 

Make up the main idea and theme of the article and composition as you continue to write on

If your interest, creativity and imagination has played a very influential role in your writing process, then it is advisable for you to get into the meat of your article and composition, and that is the main idea. The main idea comprises the direct point and theme that your article and composition aims to address and convey to your readers. Always remember that in Writing, it is highly recommendable for the main idea and theme to be catchy and engaging. Thus, if you work on this passionately as you write, expect that your article and composition will be read by readers repeatedly out of enjoyment and also because they have learned a lot from it, they will refer it to their fellow readers that they know.  

Try to experiment in writing by doing the opposite 


It is always fun to do a little of experimentation in everything we do. Because it is through experimenting that we get to add more to what we already know, discover something new and explore things in another dimension and scale. Experimenting can also be applied in Writing. When we write something, we can always experiment by trying the opposite. As an example, if you are tasked to write an article about Modern Technology, then you could experiment by writing an article that is the opposite of the topic. It could be about the Ancestors’ Ancient Way of Living as a cited example. In that manner, you are hitting two birds in one stone.  A lot of possibilities are encapsulated when you begin writing, thus never limit yourself as a writer whenever you write something and never stop yourself from experimenting because it is through this that you can draw out content that is originally and authentically yours. 

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