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How to Become a Freelance Writer?

Realistically, at this time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world through its people has faced a lot of instant changes, that led them as individuals, to live their life on a different level. As a means of emphasis, one of the most abrupt shifts that took a 360-degree rotation and turnout in the lives of zealously thriving and working professionals, is the change of set-up in the dimensional world of employment.  

Evidently, from the typical routine of employees that involve going and leaving their daily offices on an 8 am to 5 pm round the clock daily basis, a sudden twist has transpired, due to the horrendous outburst of the worldwide health crisis. To continue with, the global health crisis has led and directed numerous employers, industries, and companies worldwide, to take the big leap of reassigning their highly-valued employees into a work from home setting, to both ensure and assure the safety and security of their employees and workforce as a whole. 

Moreover, fresh graduates and unemployed individuals alike have embraced the very first phases of their working lifestyle, most especially that need to earn an income is in a state of urgency at this present time, by grabbing the opportunity of venturing into an online job. The influx of online jobs on the Internet provides the ease and comfort to its prospective applicants and hired employees, the grand opportunity of working at home, in a flexible time set-up and schedule, which on a larger scale, is an economical way of working and pursuing a pre-loved career as it will lead the employee to save up from travel expenses and from the hassles of traffic, rush and peak hours, so to speak. 

Freelance writing is one of the worldly applied and chosen online jobs that literary and linguistic individuals like me, has ventured at this time of the pandemic, for the reason that it is very ladened in involving the work of the mind, heart, and hand, and as a whole, is a creative expression of the soul that is reflected through the art of the pen. 

In this article, we will be focusing the limelight on the primed 7 attributes that every venturing individual needs to attain, obtain, and work on if one desires to become a freelance writer. Let us begin. 

The Primed 7 Attributes that are Needed in Becoming a Freelance Writer 

People nowadays are highly interested in freelance writing, for various reasons. Some would highly prefer to pursue a career in freelance writing for it provides the individual an arena of becoming a boss, in terms of working time. Others would often emphasize the magnificence of freelance writing as a career that primarily may revolve around the comforts of the home, yet it has a great say in paying monthly bills, purchasing daily household needs, and running other home errands. 

Given these reasons, the very foundation and fundamental trust that freelance writing aspirants should take into great consideration is the innate love for writing, as well as the attainment of strongly founded and ladened writing skills. 

Below are the primed 7 attributes that are needed to become a successful freelance writer in the field as follows: 

1.The attribute of humane and innate self-confidence


Self-confidence can be applied in a variety of life aspects, scenarios, and situations, and this does not exempt the field of freelance writing. Also, as a bit of professional advice from successful freelance writers, they are in unison in saying that to be a successful freelance writer, aspirant writers should be confidently attuned with the mindset that they have something valuable and essential to offer in the field of freelance writing. 

Moreover, the aspiring freelance writer should not be consumed with low self-esteem as this will result in low-quality articles and outputs. Worst-case, the writer may gain an image of working for the bare minimum, which is truly detrimental to one’s reputation in the long run. Lastly, it pays to perform a self-assessment on one’s self before venturing into the field of freelance writing. 

The business and career of freelance writing are highly regarded as a lucrative one, thus, before anything else, an aspiring freelance writer should take a glimpse of one’s self before taking that big leap of faith in being a freelance writer. 

2.The innate attribute of obtaining a business attitude


Aspiring freelance writers should obtain a mindset that having a job and a career means being involved in the business. Every aspiring writer must obtain the so-called “business attitude” for it will serve as their armor in facing twists and challenges that the freelancing world might bring them. 

They should set their goals before diving into their first freelance writing gig. Doing this will avoid situations that will end up in grief and starvation and in return, the career venture as a writer will be a fruitful one. 

To cite an example, the opportunity of working as a freelance writer would open a lot of doors for the individual. One of the joys of freelancing is the choice to have multiple employers which will result in higher daily or monthly income. However, if the freelancer’s goal is set on working for one employer, just for the sake of having a job, it would be better to think twice and weigh in if the income from one employer is enough to make both ends 

As a whole, aspiring freelance writers should always maintain a professional and business-like attitude to show their employers that they have an effective working ethic. Lastly, this innate attribute can be summed up with the biblical adage that Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of Catholics and Christians alike as the religion of Christianity proclaims to the world, said in the Holy Bible with emphasis, which is: “ Give what is due to Caesar and give what is due to God”, so to speak.” 

3. The innate attribute of an “I Can-Do” Personality


Obtaining an I Can-Do personality is a great mark and manifestation of positive thinking and is truly a remarkable difference in a world that is full of negativity and this flourishes in a variety of life aspects, which includes the field of freelance writing. As a means of emphasis, every aspiring freelance writer is encouraged to always work with an A-game. The reader must see and feel that every article is written with commitment, positivity, and expertise. 

Top of the line clients and high writing rates are not given easy and for free. These advantages are earned and garnered through the freelance writer’s stint and span of work in the field. Thus, it is very important for the aspiring freelance writer to never entertain the thought of defeat but rather, keeping an eye on the goal and earn a strong reputation in the field of freelance writing. 

Lastly, research for effective freelance writing strategies and techniques and converse and observe from successful freelance writers. An aspiring freelancer might learn a lesson or two from those are proven to be an expert in the field of writing. 

4.The innate attribute of magnanimous resilience


Resilience in the field of freelance writing is applied magnanimously to a level wherein the writing is no longer affected by rejection but instead, is ready and prepared for it. Effective and versatile freelance writers don’t end up crying and moping in gloom when rejected but instead, take it as an inspiration to persevere and do better, instead of being consumed by negativity. 

To continue with, aspiring freelance writers should make it a point to compare their journey to the life and characteristics of a phoenix bird. A phoenix has an amazingly innate characteristic as a strong-willed bird of flying and rises above the ashes, despite the strangling opponents and predators that it faces in the animal kingdom. 

Moreover, aspiring writers should be determined to spread their wings in the freelancing field by rising to the challenges, faces rejections at a mature level, smiles at their victories, and make it a goal to make a mark in the writing field.  Lastly, these aforementioned thrusts will contribute to him or her to achieve optimal growth, endless learning, and maximal improvement in the field, in totality. 

5. The innate attribute of embracing the reality of hustles


Believe it or not, hustles play a part and parcel in every individual’s life in all aspects, whether working or not, scholarly or not, at home or in the community, these hustles can never be avoided. As a means of emphasis, the field of freelance writing is never exempted from hustles, but on the brighter side, it can be dealt with lightly, constructively, and positively. 

To continue with, hustle in the field of freelance writing involves the targets of garnering more clients, finding better ones in the long run as a means of increasing the productivity of the websites and blogs handled and contributed, and most importantly, increasing the rate of per article. Also, these targets are alluring for every aspiring and certified freelance writer. 

Moreover, these hustles are never an excuse for timid and passive individuals, most especially if they venture on the field of freelance writing, as they incorporate all of their muscles into an exertion of action and initiative. Lastly, these hustles greatly aid and contribute to the freelance writer throughout the process of being always in shape, and more vividly, not ending with a hungry stomach, so to speak. 

6. The innate attribute of immense self-discipline. 

Self- discipline is both an essential and valuable attribute and characteristic that each one of us should have, for the reason that it can bring us to places and it can move mountains in the individual’s life.  As a means of emphasis, in the field of freelance writing, it is highly important to attain, manifest, and incorporate this attribute, in a manner wherein the submission of articles and the working time that involves the writing of the article is never affected. 

To continue with, it is considered to be a detrimental failure on the part of the freelance writer if he or she would be late in the submission proper because it does not only affect their performance and income as a whole but can also cause a delay in the posting. Also, the aspiring freelance writer should be encouraged to set aside a certain time during the day where they can write with no distractions. 

Lastly, these actions will make a good and lasting impression from employers, who love and are impressed with hard-working writers who prioritizes their projects and deadlines. 

7. The innate attribute of in-depth love for service and learning


Service and learning go hand in hand in the field of freelance writing. As a means of emphasis, the effective, efficient, and versatile freelance writer is greatly encouraged to write not only for the sake of being paid but because they aim to advocate for a certain cause.

To continue with, aspiring freelance writers are highly encouraged to work in the following dimensional thrusts as follows: 

First, to write with the utmost wellness. Second, derive happiness from their job. Third, manifest love and dedication through their articles. Fourth, be amazed by the success that comes with the job. Lastly, learning should always be a frontier goal in the field of freelance writing and that it is heavily laden on being a service business. 

With these two tenets on hand, freelance writing will be more fruitful and worthwhile as an entire process that will surely benefit the client, the employer, the blog, the website, and most especially, the freelance writer as a whole. 

It is the hope of the writer of this article for every reader that with these primed seven attributes that are aiding and contributory to becoming a freelance writer, every aspiring freelance writer will be motivated to take that leap of faith, to venture into a freelance writing career and most importantly to take the opportunity of establishing a platform of expression through the field of freelance writing, which is still centered on love for service and purpose. 

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