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Essentials in Writing (Updated 2020)

Essentials play a big role and impact in our lives in multi-faceted means. Every aspect and dimension in this world has its own essentials, based on how it is purposefully applied in our daily lives.  To mention a few, living life has its essentials, pursuing a dream has its essentials, bringing out the best version of yourself has its essentials, and striving hard to provide for your daily basic needs has its essentials. In the realms of human holistic development, the human being is endowed with the 4 basic language skills that need to be trained, educated, honed, and developed throughout time and that is in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

In this article, I will be discussing the 11 Essentials in Writing.  What are the needed essentials in promoting effective and good writing? What are the necessary insights to ponder that will make you an effective writer in the long run? How do you improve your articles and compositions by applying all of these essentials? All of these questions will be answered in this article.

In the rapidly changing world that we live in, there are two kinds of people that exist. There is this person who says that he or she loves to write, while the other person says that he or she has no interest with writing at all. But reality check, both of these are wrong because if we try to look at it closely, we stand in the midpoint with regards to Writing. Some may consider that he or she is writing through text as a foundation, while some considers that he or she is writing because of word as a basis.

The bottom line of these scenarios is that these two play a great role in developing the prospective writer.  Because both the text and the wordplay an important character in developing the totality of the article and composition as these from the beginning until the end of both when started and completed by the writer. Individually, we have our differences. Some are comfortable sharing their thoughts with their family, friends, and colleagues and they are the interpersonal ones. Some are more inclined to write their thoughts, insights, feelings, and self-reflection in a piece of paper and they are the intrapersonal ones.  Thus, if you are planning to take the that big leap and try out your big shot in the field of Writing, here are the 11 essentials that you need to remember as follows:

1. Focus is a great essential in writing

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Always remember that in writing, you need to always go to your core, go to your target. For example, in the game of Dart, your main goal is to hit the bullseye found in the dart board. That is also the main essential in Writing. You always have to think of your focus, time and time again during the Writing Process. All of the content that you will be writing should speak about the focus and should show the main point of it all. It should not be a writing that is merely for the purpose that you are writing because truly that is not the case. An essential writer writes for the benefit of the focus and not outside of the focus.

Each article or book has a particular classification and it has a place with a title. It very well may be sci-fi, inspirational, spiritual, etc. As a writer, you must pick which specific area you think you’re good at or may consider as your niche’s strength which you would want to be known for. While it’s anything but a wrongdoing to write on 50 books or articles of various topics that have no connection, it pays to be known for a particular type of article. A working title guides your writing as a whole. 

2. Organization plays a big part as an essential in writing

Organization is equivalent to order. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we always appreciate organization. Whether in the home, in the school, at office or at any public place, organization promotes harmony and a smooth flow of details that each and every one of us greatly benefits. As an essential in Writing, you need to promote Organization in your compositions as well. There should always be an informative Introduction, a well- structured Body wherein the main ideas and supporting ideas of the composition or article are written, and the conclusion wherein it should always be empowering, insightful and strong.

Remember, every reader floats towards an article that shows where they start, progression to the main story, and an end demonstrating how the article closes. It is the superstructure of a structure that holds it together. An undefined article is exhausting and sounds boring to read. On the off chance that you are writing a book, you ought to anyway let this not hinder you, simply continue writing the meat and afterward move the content around into chapters.

3. Support and Collaboration are two married essentials in writing

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As human beings, we all need support and collaboration, right? In order for us to reach our goals, dreams and ambitions in life and to attain a life-changing experience and milestone in our individual journey in this world, we need these two-married essentials in order for us to always thrive to success and to perform at the best of our abilities. This same spirit and intent should always be vivid as well as essentials in Writing. There should always be a support that is evident in the composition that you are writing.

It means that the main idea of the Composition is highly supported by the supporting details. On the other hand, Collaboration means that each concept and entry in the Composition that you are writing is highly attuned with each other. It should not be a composition that can be compared to a zigzag road wherein it has no clear direction. One aspect and essential in writing is that with collaboration, the composition is clear and direct to the point so that the message that is being conveyed can reach and be pinpointed by its target readers. 

4. Grammatical Conventions is a must-have essential in writing

A writer who practices effective writing obtains a keen eye that is very familiar with grammatical conventions as an essential in writing. Grammatical Conventions would mean that you are familiar with the rules of grammar, with the rules of using the English language, and also with grammar structure in the guise of Composition and Article Writing. But nowadays, as Technology continues to arise and improve and as the Internet continues to progress both in application and usage respectively, a wide array of applications such as “” as an example can be a great aid to writers, both the beginning and experienced ones.

It is a great advantage for beginning and experienced writers to be familiar with grammatical conventions because aside from producing an article or composition that is catchy and interesting, it will also give you a quick intuition that something is wrong with what you are writing, something is lacking and that something needs to deleted, edited, replaced and added. Focusing on every detail is a must. Detecting issues of language structure, spelling, and so forth – remember that nothing can literally bore a reader than inducing or thinking about what you implied due to spelling mistakes. Utilize the spell checker and make sure that you don’t bore the reader. As being said, make sure to revise your work, it’s one of the keys. Punctuate appropriately. 

Thus, having an in-depth background on grammatical conventions will truly help a lot in the creation and production of articles that are both highly recommendable and tasteful to read.

5. Style should be distinct and evident as an essential in writing

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Writers are very keen to the different styles of writing. Style as an essential in writing would mean that in writing, control of language is present, it is appropriate to the audience who will read it, the purpose is relevant and the writing task is congruent to what is being expected as an output.  It is very essential in writing to have a unique style. Because once your style in writing stands out from the rest, the direct effect of which is that it is more prone to have a lot of targeted audience, thus leading your articles and compositions to be in demand.

Moreover, you should always draw in the innovative thinker in you. For instance, when you write about a conventional story, do it in such an extraordinary way. Use words that work to bring out what you want to convey. Sometimes, extraordinary stories or concepts are not read in light of the fact that there is no such creativity in the way that they are written. Remember that creativity and writing style can always captivate the reader to need to want to read and to find out additional information or to look forward to the next chapter of the story.

6. Voice should be encapsulated as an essential in writing.

The article or composition that a writer produces in writing is the greatest depiction of what he or she is thinking lately. At the time where his or her insights are derived from and at the spur of the moment where he or she organizes his or her thoughts, these are all evident with what he or she has created that is read by his or her targeted audience and readers. An essential impact that should be present in writing is the voice of the writer. With the fact of having a voice in writing, it does not mean in the most literal sense that a voice can be heard in the article and composition you wrote because that is not the case. Voice in writing means that it is your personality that speaks in what you have written in your article and composition either being personable, strong, straight to the point or paced.

Also, your voice is expressed in a platform wherein your points of view, insights, realizations and reflections are rolled into one and are produced in paper. Thus, when writing, always remember that your article and composition is the greatest reflection and depiction of your personal voice and take on an issue, topic and dimension and as a formality, is produced in a paper as an output of it. 

7. Word Choice matters a lot as an essential in writing

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As essential in writing, the choice of words that a writer uses in his or her article and composition, will definitely play a great role in either contributing or destructing the lives of our readers. It will be contributory if we are responsible with our word choice through our written article and composition. On the other hand, it will be a great destruction if we are tactless with our word choice through our written article and composition. Thus, as one great writer and novelist once said; “In a world full of negativity both verbally and in writing, choose to be the beam of positivity that speaks of truth and writes with transparency. “

This adage will truly depict that indeed, Word Choice is of great concern and essential in writing. As much as we are careful with the actions that we commit because of the consequences and end results that go with it, we should also stress out in our writing proper as well, that we are careful with our word selection. So that we will help in uplifting the lives of our readers, rather than destroying it as they read our originally made articles and compositions.

8. Sentence Fluency is an adherent essential to Writing.

Sentence Fluency plays a pivotal role as an essential in Writing. Writers are greatly relieved when they vividly see that every sentence in their written article or composition is impactful. Aside from being impactful, writers feel in-depth joy if all the sentences that they used in their article are fluent and congruent with each other. Sentence Fluency as an essential in writing means that a writer makes sure that the sentences in the article being written are grammatically correct, direct and meaningful when read, understood and comprehended deeply by the reader.

For example, as a concrete scenario in writing, if a writer will write a composition or article that does not observe Sentence Fluency, the after effect of this one is that, the reader will be distracted and at the same time, will be led to a lot of questioning. Whereas on the other hand, if the writer Sentence Fluency observes religiously in his or her Article Writing and Composition, the reader will be enthused, and at the same time, will feel an ounce of anticipation to the next set of articles that comes after what he or she just read from the same writer on that matter. Thus, if you dream to become an effective writer, Sentence Fluency is one of the key essentials to achieve that ambition.

9. Clarity and Coherence are two main ingredients and essentials in writing

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Clarity and Coherence are siblings in terms of being essentials in Writing. The clearer the message of the article and composition is the better and beneficial it is to the readers. When a writer practices Clarity as an essential in writing, any reader can expect that the article is not written in a topsy curvy manner. The points are well expounded, the thoughts are well grounded and the totality of the article and composition is of high regard. It is expected from every writer to produce an article and composition that is exemplifying in Clarity. On the other hand, Coherence would mean that each of the phrases, sentences and paragraphs in the article are associated with each other.

No idea goes up, no idea goes down and no idea goes around a bush.  Thus the article and composition can be compared to a stream, it is free-flowing. An output of a Writer that is embodied with clarity and coherence is more highly appreciated and read a lot of times, compared to a writer who does not practice both as essentials to writing. This can be proven evident as a reality on the number of sales that an article writer makes, contributes and who works for a certain magazine and newspaper in any country, respectively.

10. Credibility is an added impact and essential in writing

 Credibility can be equated with respect because being credible means that you are worthy of respect. In writing, Credibility is greatly considered as an essential. It is essential because with credibility comes the recognition, in recognition comes success, and with success come the changes and milestones that life can bring to you. One example that would prove wherein a writer is considered credible is that, he or she practices the ethical standard of indicating sources and references used in his or her article and composition at its very end, to avoid being charged and cased with Plagiarism.

This action would mean that the writer greatly gives credit and respect to the author who wrote and published the certain and specific reference that he or she got an idea and insight from. Another scenario of being credible is that the writer takes ownership with the authenticity and originality of his or her article and composition. In a point wherein he or she is asked to present and share about the published article and composition by a panel or group of readers, critics and mentors, that is originally his or hers, the writer can respond and discuss it flawlessly and confidently.

11. Overall Presentation is an essential in writing

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The overall presentation and total appeal of your article and presentation as a writer, matters a lot to the reader. From the introduction itself, the reader can already gauge if this article is well-written, properly prepared and pondered, and structured free flowingly. Thus, the very first impression of an article and composition matters a lot. Thus in writing, the writer is always reminded that presentation matters. For example, if you are dining in a restaurant with your family, and you are about to taste the specialty of the house, as a scenario, the very first question that comes into your mind is that; “Is the food delicious?” or  “Is the food worth the price?” These are just some of the questions that we ask.

And here comes the eating juncture wherein our questions will have answers. The same situation goes as well with writing and its presentation. Readers will have questions in their minds such as: “Is the article really interesting?” or “Is the composition worth-reading for?” and most importantly, “Will I benefit something from this article by learning something from it?” These are questions that any writer keeps in mind and must be able to answer as an overall presentation of his or her article and composition, respectively.

Furthermore, a good article or book must have never-ending validity and not lapse just for a week that it is written. It is essential in writing to try not to put statements such as “this week, recently” and so forth, especially if the goal is that your article can be read equally in the year 2099, the same manner it can be read at the time it was published. As a writer, you would prefer not to continue returning to the original written work making revisions just with the goal that the current age will make sense out of it. 

And on the off chance that you can’t even inspire or increase the value of a person’s life, then, better to read again what are the essentials you need to produce a great article that would be able to capture and catch the readers. Would it be that you are proposing in your heart as you decided to write the article? It must be exceptionally clear what it is else you write a splendid article that intrigues no one.

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