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About Us Page: How to write it effectively (Updated 2023)

When we talk about personalizing your online store and making it customer-friendly, nothing can be more effective and helpful than an About Us page. This is a summary of the history of the company and the purpose of its establishment. A well-written About US page poses an advantage. It helps  tell the story of the brand and can even transform a bland ecommerce store into an established customer-oriented company. Aside from that, trust, as a major foundation in ecommerce, can be created through an About Us page. 

Usually, most of the About page talks about the company but in reality, it should talk about why the customers need to invest in your brand, why they must purchase your product or why you are best person on the Internet that can offer such service. 

Here, we will look into the various ideas that focus on the significant role of the About Us page in your online store and the things you need to include. This article will also discuss what are the uneccesary details that you don’t need to include on your About Us page. 

What is an About Us page?

about us page

The problem with most About us pages is that they often serve as an afterthought, a link buried at the bottom of a page, which leads to some hastily written, uninteresting paragraphs about the company. What an About us page should ideally be is an objective sales page, one which focuses on telling your readers what your company does and why they should do business with you. This is the essence of a well-written About us page – it should sell! And the key to doing this effectively is understanding how to write an effective about us page.

About Us page gives online shoppers some insight into the brand and those behind it. You must include the following:

  • How you have started your company;
  • What makes your brand unique as compared to the other brands;
  • What are the beliefs and values of your brand;
  • Why the customers should patronize you and use your products.

Why do you need to have an About Us page?

So, how to write an about us page? The first thing you need to understand is that the purpose behind any page is to either capture or encourage the interest of the reader. For instance, a magazine site is primarily there to capture the reader’s interest in a particular story. A blog is there to do the same, but in addition to capturing the visitor’s interest, it’s also there to promote your other pages on the site.

To build a relationship with your customers, it is crucial to have an About Us page on your site. If you are not sure yet on what you include on your website, then there are some ideas why you need to take into consideration:

1. It is important for new visitors

More people are visiting an About Us page as compared to any other page on your website. This is because people are innately curious about everything and not only about certain products. They also like to read stories and want to learn about the brand, it’s background, history and it’s values. These three reasons are crucial in creating the About Us page since it capitalizes on the curiosity of your online store’s possible customers.

2. It offers an idea to customers why you are unique

Your About Us page is a good place to tell your customers why your business is unique and that no one else is running the same kind of business as yours for the same kind of reason you have. The unique story you have will set you apart from the rest, and the About Us page is a great place wherein you can highlight most of those differences between your company and the rest. Besides that, if ever people meet the same hardships and triumphs that you and your brand has, they are naturally pulled towards your story. 

3. It can solidify the image of your brand

The About Us page is a great place to affirm who you are in the marketplace, along with product packaging and a well-designed website. An About Us page can be a great avenue to use psychology to that of your advantage.

Those are the effects of having a good About Us page and now you might wonder, how to write an effective one? Listed below are a few elements that you need to consider while writing your About Us page. 

How to Start to Write About Us page

The About Us page does contain the important things that you feel are necessary to your brand. If you are not sure  where to begin, then here are a few suggestions of elements that can be a perfect addition to make a good About Us page.

Depending on your online business, you can assert more brand’s position right into your market. The list provided is by no means extensive. They are the elements that can help you do just what is right for your business.

1. Add a unique value proposition

It is important to find your company’s unique selling point and use that to draw your potential client’s attention through an excellently written About Us page.  For instance, if your unique selling point is about sparing return policy, explain why you have a sparing return policy and if your unique selling point is about sourcing your products from renewable materials, then you have to explain why sourcing from renewable materials is important.

You need to identify the unique value proposition of your brand, which can be very hard in starting an online business. Fortunately, you can also try to consult specialists or experts who work in a digital marketing agency that can help you introduce your products and showcase their uniqueness that will eventually draw the customer to purchase. 

2. Show the faces of your company

The best way to draw your customers’ attention is to add the founders’ faces or the whole team working in your business. It is a human instinct to be naturally drawn to faces and with this way, you can control where your readers will look. If you are a solo entrepreneur, a simple shot of yourself is enough to put into the webpage. 

3. Tell about the brand story of your online business

A brand story is enough to make you a unique company as there is no other story quite the same as yours. This is why it is important to know how to catch the attention of the reader right from the very first sentence. However, a full narrative is not the only way to share your story with your customers, you can also share through values. Being honest and revealing the idea behind it can catch a prospective client’s attention and long enough for them to consider purchasing. 

Tip! Keep it short and relevant as possible. Do not add off topics and babbling ideas, as well as self-praising inputs that are unrealistic.


The About Us page is one of the most essential parts of your brand website. This gives your customer the opportunity to know your business and your chance to introduce your company. As your visitor arrives on your business website, they want a piece of introductory content that provides details on your business; what, when, where, and how. You might consider making your About Us page very presentable and great. Make it impressive that allows your customer to trust your brand.

One of the most important things to learn when it comes to how to write an about us page is to have an engaging personality yourself. After all, the whole point of the article is to get someone to visit the site, and if you turn into a salesman right off the bat, you are unlikely to succeed. It’s important to make the whole page engaging to your reader, and this requires you to use your best writing skills.

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