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Top 10 Best Letter Writing Paper (Updated 2023)

Letter writing is a personal and valuable expression of both the heart and mind. This practice has been done originally in the past when technology has not yet advanced and the only means of communication is through writing letters.

For some, letter writing is therapeutic. It is perfect for those who have a lot of thoughts but cannot express them in words. At the present time, receiving a handwritten letter is considered endearing and some even relate it to the sender putting in more effort than just sending a message through the phone.

The Top 10 Best Letter Writing Paper to Buy

If you are planning to send a loved one a handwritten letter, go all the way! They will appreciate it more as it is time-consuming and it’s rare nowadays to receive a handwritten letter. To make things extra special, use high-quality paper to make your letter more charming.

Below 10 best paper for letter writing!


Best Letter Writing Paper

Hailed as one of the important pioneers of British craftsmanship, Smythson was founded in 1887 and has been in the business for over a hundred years. Their luxury goods vary from plain and personalized stationeries such as writing papers, cards, invitations, notebooks, to leather goods and accessories. 

Smythson writing personalized paper comes in various sizes from Kings Writing Paper to Imperial Writing Paper and even up to A4 Writing Paper. 

Their plain writing paper also comes in a variety of colors and sizes such as White Laid Kings Writing Paper, Bond Street Blue Kings Writing Paper, White Laid A4 Writing Paper, Cream Wove A4 Writing Paper, Bordered Kings Writing Paper, and Nile Blue A4 Writing Paper among others. 

Benneton Graveur 

Founded in 1880 in Paris, France, Benetton Graveur are known, up until today, as one of the most prestigious stationery companies in the world. They make personal and professional stationery, either printed or with engravings.

Besides the infamous stationery, they also make cards, invitations, heraldic engravings, leather goods, and libris. 

Crane & Co. 

Crane & Co. was founded in 1801 in New York City and is one of the long-lasting luxurious stationery companies. Their paper is made out of pure cotton, which heightens the quality, beauty, and sophistication of their paper products which range from letter sheets, jotter cards, envelopes, cards, and invitations. 

Crane and Co.’s letter sheets, both personalized and printed, come in various designs depending on the need and preference of the highly appreciative and sentimental individual. 

Their products are: Langley Ecru Monarch Sheet, Kingswood Charcoal Bordered Ecru Kent Letter Sheet, Manor Engraved, Ecru Sheet, Palermo Engraved Fluorescent White Kent Letter Sheet, and Personalized Pearl White Kent Letter Sheet with Motif among many and a whole lot more. 


The longest-standing stationery and fountain pen company in this article is the Pineider Company which was founded in 1774 in Florence, Italy. Pineider paper and goods managed to retain their unique quality by using cotton for their paper as well as retaining the traditional method of water-cut deckle-edged paper making. 

Their goods range from luxurious fountain pens and other writing instruments, stationeries, and other leather products. 

Mrs. John L. Strong 

Mrs. John L. Strong is another American stationery company founded in 1929 which focuses on the utmost quality of hand engraving letters and motifs on personalized orders. Their products consist mainly of custom-made stationery, collection notes, paper wrapping sheets, and table calendars. 


Founded in 2015, Papier has a variety of aesthetic and curated goods from stationeries, to cards, postcards, photo books, wall art, and various invitations. 

Their writing paper has a variety of cute paper sets from Blooming Peonies, Minimal Greenery, Navy Border, Botanical, Mint Border, The Jag, Flamingo, Zebra Marble, and Blush Border among dozens of other kinds. 

 Imogen Owen 

Relatively new to the industry, Imogen Owen was established only in 2014 but has claimed to be at the forefront of ‘UK’s modern calligraphy. Their product ranges from lifestyle and home accessory gifts to various cards, and stationery sets.

They also offer workshops on calligraphy. Their writing correspondence set varies in different animal designs from Parrot, Monkey, Flamingo, Toucan, and Butterfly to plants such as Fern, Anemone, and Cyclamen. 


Moglea, pronounced as MOG-LEE, was established last 2012 and is famous for its abstract and colorful designs in cards, notebooks, notepads, stationery, gift wrappers, gifts, phone cases, clocks, and even artworks.

Their stationeries are definitely one of a kind with their own unique sets and names such as Mineral Set, Maza Letterquette, Geode Set, Guava Mini Letterquette, Mondrian Set, Antigua Mini Letterquette, Blue Grid Set, Beluga Mini Letterquette, and a Bauhaus Set. 

Rifle Paper Co. 

Rifle Paper Co. was established in 2009 and also has a variety of goods and services from greeting cards, postcards, social stationery sets, assorted card sets, digital cards, photo books, wedding collections, accessories, home decors, planners, Keds, and even drinkware. 

Their social stationery sets have an aesthetic touch such as their Botanical, Juliet Rose, and Colette Social Stationery Set. 

Jeeves and Co. 

Jeeves and Co. was founded in 1992 and offers a variety of goods from writing paper to notepads, books, cards, wax seals, and other gifts and keepsakes. Their writing paper products are Water Birds Writing Paper, Flights of Fancy Writing Paper, Retro Cars Writing Paper, Autumnal Writing Paper, Cosmic Forest Writing Paper, and Marbled Writing Paper among a lot of others. 

These stationery paper companies who have a long stint in the industry have expanded to even more luxurious products such as leather goods and accessories. While on the other hand, new stationery companies have expanded to everyday necessities such as home décor, and planners among others. 

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