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6 Simple Tips to Become a Good Writer

Writing is a wonderful art form. It’s more than just jotting down words and getting people to read, it’s an array of emotions, feelings better written than said, and a product of hard work. But, it’s not an easy feat. Writers who’ve been in the field for decades still look for ways to improve their writing. They know they are still techniques and methods that they need to hone. 

If you’ve been wanting to enhance your writing skills, to become the next greatest writer, or even for as simple as writing college essays, here are practical tips that are sure to help you become a good writer.


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Always the most important. If you want to write, then read. If you want to write great, read great writers. Everyone starts somewhere so as much as possible, read a lot. Observe, feel, and pay close attention to style, techniques, and tones. 

Write a lot and all the time

Write every day and if you can, multiple times a day. Just like any other skill, you need to hone your writing and the more you write, the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. 

Write down your thoughts, write for a blog or other publications. The more you practice, the more writing gets easier. 

Take a little notebook with you, everywhere you go, and write down ideas for write-ups, stories, or articles. It could be an interesting conversation you’ve overheard at the next table, or lyrics of a song, or even taglines from that billboard from downtown. Write everything and use those as inspiration. 

Get rid of distractions

If you want to seriously write, avoid multi-tasking or turn off any distracting background noise. Writing is best done in either a quiet room or with soft music playing. Eliminating distractions might mean that you need to turn off email and social media notifications, as well as your phone and television. You can also clear out your desk and work without interruption. 

Create a writing routine

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A blank paper or a blank screen can be intimidating and it’s just so easy to steer away from this and turn to distractions. Don’t. Just don’t.

Get back to that blank paper or document and just write. What you write won’t matter, it could be the most random of things, don’t think about it and just write. What’s important is you’ve revved up your engines and got your fingers working. Once you get the hang of things, writing gets easier. 

Another technique is to find the time of the day to just write without interruptions and make it a routine. It could be any time. In the mornings, late noon, right after dinner, or even at the wee hours of dawn, make sure to stick to it and write. You can write for 30 minutes and if you can, an hour. 

Experiment and find your own

It will be very tempting to follow the style of your favorite writer but by doing this, you’re only making writing hard. Liking a writer and their writing techniques doesn’t mean you have to be exactly like them. Try new things, explore other writing styles and tones, see what works for you, and don’t force those that don’t. 


Revising is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s the hassle that comes after writing but if you’ve been writing with no regard to structure, grammar, words, and just letting all your ideas fly out, you need to go back and fix everything. 

Revising is finalizing your work. Then revising that finalize work to further finalize it until you are satisfied with your work. You are turning your average writing to above average and turning your above average version into a superior one. 

If you want to become a good writer, revise. 

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